This Is What A Perfect Green Velvet Sofa Looks Like For Your Living Room!

The sitting area in the living room is considered particularly important for our recovery after a stressful working day. Again and again, our editorial team is looking for new ideas for your seating comfort and for this reason, we would like to present the cool advantages that a green velvet sofa entails. The right choice of a comfortable piece of furniture is carried out with the help of decisive factors that contribute to a decision.

Create an inviting atmosphere with comfortable sofas

Living room ideas with velvet sofa

color combination

The green color palette has been making 2017 a major popularity in the designer world. The velvet sofas will be in Greenery or petrol color offered. This is a great advantage for millions of families, as different nuances can be discovered for every taste. Green can be optimally combined with the natural and artificial lighting design in the room.

Greenery is considered to be the color of spring and today we see many velvet sofas in this Pantone color for 2017. The bright green has a welcoming feel and is particularly suitable for rooms that have nature views out there.

A popular nuance for velvet sofas is also the petrol color. A big advantage of this color is that its look is stylishly changed by light incidence and intensity. The imaginative effect is generated only with the appropriate light level and ensures a comfortable atmosphere in the room.

Petrol color can be combined with many decorative elements

Ideas green velvet sofa concepts

Green velvet sofa means high comfort!

When it comes to choosing the right sofa in the living room, seating comfort should be a top priority. You can choose according to your individual wish and personal preference a suitable pad hardness. The green velvet sofas offer many design options, such as the choice of seat and back posters. Three-seater velvet sofas can be designed according to your wishes, with two or more back posters in the imaginative green color.

If you put a lot of value on the throw pillows, then you can also use these decorative elements as an alternative to the back posters. You should pay attention to the right color combination when it comes to this atypical green color palette. white Throw with motifs seem to be the best decorative complement for a green velvet sofa.

Throw pillows in white spice up a green velvet sofa

Green velvet sofa ideas

Green velvet sofa quickly attracts everyone’s attention

The great versatility of the design makes a green velvet sofa lightning fast a focal point in the living room. Since the piece of furniture can be perfectly combined with various components in space, you should also choose the optimal size. What would you prefer – a two- or three-seater? Or do you prefer lounge furniture in green?

The velvet sofas not only offer a wide selection of colors and comfortable seating, but also to different sizes. Two- and three-seater or lounge furniture are among the practical ideas for optimal use of space in the living room.

Choose the appropriate size

Lounge with upholstery

Extra tip: First determine the area before ordering the perfect velvet sofa. Use tape to mark a desired location and measure to the nearest centimeter. Only then can you make the final decision. A big advantage of the velvet sofa is the high stability. Two-seaters offer a high seat load capacity of max. 240 kg and the height of the legs is very often height adjustable.

Our picture gallery offers a cool selection of ideas with green velvet sofas. Let yourself be inspired by the latest room designs!

Time for a new eye-catcher in the living room

Petrol color for velvet sofa

The definitive eye-catcher in the living room

Velvet sofa in green ideas

Green velvet sofa is considered the best solution for every living room

Green velvet sofa ideas

Modern and fascinating velvet sofa

Petrol velvet sofa interior

Luxury and comfort in one

Living room ideas velvet sofa

Throw pillows give every room a welcoming feel

Ideas green velvet sofa concepts

Petrol color is considered a unique nuance

Velvet sofa ideas in green

Two-seater sofas have a high stability

Design with velvet sofa in green

Green velvet sofa with armchair is considered the perfect design idea for the living room

Green velvet sofa and armchair ideas

Pay attention to the color selection

Green upholstery living room

High comfort and stylish look

concept with sofa in the living room

Lounge in green at home? Why not?

lounge in green

Two-seater sofas bring many benefits

Ideas for green velvet sofa

Green velvet sofa in the room

Cool design velvet sofa

Greenery is perfect for velvet sofas

greenery sofa bed

Create a stylish look

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