This Is Ikea’s Latest Home Decor!

Ikea presents a complete home decor that creates a cozy atmosphere with simple styling tips. Our editorial team would like to describe the interesting design ideas step by step and include the positive advantages of each room. The combination of luxurious interior design ideas and open space planning meets the individual style and taste of numerous customers, but also leaves many questions unanswered. Find out more in the following paragraphs!

Ikea presents a new design with cool ideas

Home furnishings of Ikea: living room, home office and bedroom in one?

First, we want to start with a space that has a multifunctional meaning for the entire home – the living room. From the first moment we can see that the spatial planning has a practical function. The sleeping bed and the home office are also in the living room.

The open space division provides privacy between the bed and the office.

Ikea has chosen an eclectic wall design for the living room. The combination of several Decorating ideas gives the entire room a lively atmosphere. Wallpaper in cool shades and with unusual patterns and lines are used here. This idea can be well combined with the neutral colors in the apartment. The designers of Ikea have also elegantly positioned a wall tattoo that presents a text with various fonts. The individual sentences are different citations that have a clear goal – motivation. The last part of the eclectic wall decoration are the big picture frames with nature motives.

Wall tattoo with motivational quotes

Home furnishings by Ikea: atypical kitchen equipment with 3D components

Experts from Ikea put a lot of emphasis on comfort and that is why they have used a sofa in the kitchen. The idea is liked by many homeowners, because the piece of furniture has become a design highlight.

The neutral wall design has been combined with the gray color palette, but at the same time it remains dominating as in the living room. Wood ornaments are also to be seen, which ensure the positive appreciation of the kitchen. An important detail is the cool wall tiles of this kitchen. They provide an elegant 3D effect from afar. The tiles are attached using a special assembly.

The 3D wall tiles in the kitchen are among the latest designs

Home furnishings by Ikea: Small bathroom made big

The bathroom of our chosen apartment is one of the best designs for 2018. It’s about a space-saving interior that has become a unique interior design with the help of luxurious styling tips. First, we would like to introduce the mix of tiles. The dominant white color is combined with dark gray tiles. The designers use the same color combination as in the design of the kitchen – gray and white. Positioning from a bathtub creates more space-saving ideas, such as the integrated shelf just above the toilet. This design idea is considered a must for small bathrooms.

Integrated shelves provide space for all your bathroom utensils

In the following picture gallery you will see all furnishing ideas of the home furnishings from a different angle. Enjoy the individual details!

A mix of white and gray creates a lively atmosphere

The wood ornaments provide a natural look

Make the small bathroom look bigger

LED mirror lighting brings targeted artificial light into the room

Place a high value on the home furnishings

Gray couch can be combined well with the neutral wall design

Ikea has opted for open space planning. They also?

Position a sofa in the kitchen? This untypical idea is among the latest trend for the 2018/2019 season