Modern Honeymoon Destinations For 2017

Honeymoon Destinations for 2017 -Hawaii, Provence and the Bermudas

In this article, we are continuing with three more very modern honeymoon destinations for 2017. They are quite different, but depending on what you are looking for, they offer a unique and fascinating experience.

Honeymoon – Hawaii

The different islands of Hawaii offer very different atmosphere. But they are all inviting and idyllic and therefore perfect for a honeymoon. However, if you want a particular destination, then the Oahu.

You can flee to its northern part, enjoy the nature and learn to surf. If you want to get to know the Hawaiian version of the city, stop in Waikiki. In the city you will experience a lot of culture, and you can also enjoy the great restaurants and shopping.

Waikiki beach in Hawaii

Wedding honeymoon destination Hawaii Waikiki Beach

If you are looking for relaxation, then the Destination Lanai is the best. This place is located near Maui and is known for its pineapple plantations.

Enjoy the pineapple plantations in Maui

Wedding wedding travel destinations Hawaii Waikiki City Maui pineapple plantations

If you want to spend your honeymoon more active, then you can do a lot on the beach and swimming pool. Horseback riding, cycling and hiking are just some of the possibilities here. With these you can stay active and spend time outside.

Spend your trip actively

Wedding honeymoon destinations Hawaii Waikiki horseback riding

Provence, France

Now we make a leap from the exotic to the classic. Perhaps lavender fields and strange locals are exactly your thing! Then you can feel good-time during your honeymoon.

The lavender fields in Provence are something very exotic

Wedding, wedding, destination, france, provence, lavenderfields

But Provence has a lot more to offer. There is great food and wonderful wine to enjoy. You will need comfortable walking shoes to go hiking to the various sights. If you love the history, do not miss the cities of Avignon and Aix-en-Provence.

In Provence you will experience a lot of culture

Wedding honeymoon destination France Provence city

If you are a very good wine enthusiast, then you already know that you have to go on a tour of the Rhone

Wedding lavender fields wine stroll


The third super modern honeymoon destination for 2017, which we would like to introduce to you in this article, is the Bermudas. This is known as an overseas area in the Atlantic, but it offers the best of both worlds: perfect relaxation and great entertainment. Excellent views are opening up, with crystal clear water and houses in various bright colors. Here are also some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world.

The Bermudas: crystal clear water, perfect view and great experience

Bridal wedding destination Bermuda's water

Explore nature with a boat

There are so many beautiful coves and beaches that are worth one or several visits. Visit the Crystal Caves, even if you are not allowed to swim in it.

It is worthwhile to go to different interesting places on the island by boat.

Wedding honeymoon destination Bermudas boat

The beaches with pink sand

During your honeymoon in Bermuda, you should not miss the ride to the pink beaches. Make sure that some of them are nature reserves. There you can not go by car to the beach. The way to it is not easy and brief, but the experience is certainly worthwhile.

It is worth to experience the pink beaches

Wedding wedding destination Bermuda's pink beach

St. Georges

A lot of interesting things can also be found in St. Georges. Here stand the ruins of an unfinished church – a beautiful, mystical view. Here you can discover the perfumery of Bermudas, where everything is made from natural ingredients. In St. Georges you can also get great souvenirs. St. Georges is also a place where you can shoot many interesting pictures.

Visit St. George’s Church

Wedding bridal destination Bermuda St.George church

eat fish

Do not leave the Bermuda without eating fish. There are several grills that offer fish specialties right on the beach. And of course, there are also great restaurants for romantic dinners with stunning views. We wish you a great and unforgettable experience during your honeymoon!

Waterlot Inn is recommended for meat and harborfront for seafood

Wedding wedding destinations Bermudas waterlot inn

Cycling in Maui, Hawaii

Wedding honeymoon destination Hawaii Waikiki Maui cycling

In Provence there is great food and wonderful wine to enjoy

Wedding destination France Provence lavendefelder wine

Enjoy the beautiful view of the Sheraton Restaurant in Hawaii

Wedding wedding travel destinations Hawaii Waikiki restaurant sheraton

Shopping in Waikiki, Hawaii is a pleasure

Wedding honeymoon destination Hawaii Waikiki