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The highlight of every wedding day filled with happiness, joy and excitement is definitely the wedding cake! The classic variant is the Cremetorte, but this has recently been replaced by many fresher and lighter pies.

Interesting facts: The history of the marquetry dates back to the Roman era. It is a symbol of the first meal of the bride and groom. The Romans prepared a salty tart of flour, salt, and water for the wedding feast. They then broke them into many pieces and wished the bridegroom fertility. The British, for example, hid a ring in the wedding stave in the past, which should bring their inventor good luck and joy throughout the year. But so much to the story…

Wedding season 2017 and the trendy cakes

The cutting of the pie

The latest trends for the wedding stalls 2017

The wedding venues this year offer an enormous variety of styles and rich decomotives – lace, real flowers, geometric figures and abundant metal shimmer. Present are not only the strictly elegant tortendesigns, but also simply decorated works.

This year, even the discerning person will find the perfect wedding bouquet. With regard to the taste of the cake, the bride and groom should choose according to their preferences. But the Cake designers recommend a combination of light, Italian Crema Pasticciera and fresh raspberries; Delicious mascarpone cream with fruits or even better your favorite dessert, B. Tiramisu in the form of a wedding.

Sami- Naked Cake with Berries

Light and fruity cake for the wedding

Furthermore, the trend of 2016 continues with the Naked Cake this year, but this time with the semi-naked cake. Here, the individual layers are coated with ultra-thin cream, so that the cake bottom can be seen. But a certain disguise is still to be seen. The ornament is decorated with flowers, fruits or chocolate. This cake is a favorite choice especially for Bohemian and vintage weddings.

Provide a color balance

Beautiful wedding stalls with cupcakes

The cupcakes as a wedding cake

This tart variant is for these of you who like it a little non-traditional. On a large cake taster are distributed many small tarts and the top is the actual wedding cake, which is cut off. The cupcakes should correspond to the number of guests and maybe even a few more in number. The simple and elegant design is also preferred here. The same applies to the selection of the wedding bouquets as far as the taste direction is concerned.

Our tip: When you choose your wedding, remember the season in which you are getting married. A mus-cream is, for example, not suitable for the summer, this is more suitable for the winter.

To choose the perfect wedding cake, try out different flavors, discuss everything with your pastry chef and allow yourself plenty of time. And as far as the design is concerned, you will be inspired by our wedding pictures. Have fun and continue good luck!

The tip is also on pies

Wedding stalls and cupcakes with lace

Many fresh flowers are used

Real flower decoration for the wedding
Blue like the sea

The favorite for 2016 – the Naked Cake

Naked cake wedding
Wedding stahl in the same dekofarbe
A flowery torteide for the wedding
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