The Wall Covering Made Of Parquet Could Look So Stylish

The wall covering with parquet is one of the stylish design ideas made of wood, which are trendy for years. These designs are always recommended by design lovers. It is no secret that parquet can give any room a great warm look. For this reason we would like to present the interesting characteristics of this wall cladding.

Great combination with the floor design

More and more homeowners encounter difficulties when it comes to the stylish combination of floor and wall design. Parquet can be used perfectly in this case. Thus, a uniform interior is created with an equal choice of materials and colors.

The creative laying of the wall decoration made of parquet could depend on the floor design. We offer you some tips. The first idea is determined as a transition effect. In this case, the individual planks are laid so that they have the same direction as the floorboards. This interesting idea is always recommended by designers. The reason for this is that the transition between the floor and wall design can underline the lines of the room very well.

The parquet wall covering gives the apartment a natural look

parquet wall (1)

The perfect room for the wall covering made of parquet?

The wall cladding made of parquet is considered a matter of taste and many people are somewhat skeptical about this idea. But in this case, it’s not about a complete wall design of parquet, but quite the opposite. Homeowners first plan a specific space for wall cladding. This could only be a small wall part, but which provides a decorative purpose.

According to statistics, parquet lovers want a wooden wall in the living room, because this wall is able to make every room more comfortable. The natural wood look is certainly one of the best trends for 2018 and parquet counts as one of the best furnishing ideas.

A matching wallcovering for the office design

parquet wall (14)

Our picture gallery offers you the possibility to look at different designs, which are very trendy in the last months. Use the pictures as inspiration and plan your next wall cladding

The horizontal laying of the wall cladding with parquet makes the room appear larger

parquet wall (2)

Stylishly decorate the staircase with parquet

parquet wall (3)

Do you like the vintage wallcovering? Parquet planks are great for that!

parquet wall (4)

The natural look is more inviting

parquet wall (9)

Horizontal or vertical installation? Mount the parquet planks according to your taste

parquet wall (10)

Enjoy the elegant wall covering of the bedroom

parquet wall (11)

The parquet floor could give the room an industrial look

parquet wall (12)

Vintage parquet floorboards offer a stylish appearance

parquet wall (13) Wall covering made of parquet

Frame the staircase with vintage parquet floorboards

parquet wall (6)

The wood look is one of the best designs

2018 Trend Wall Paint Ideas For Living Room With Wood Parquet pertaining to The Best Awesome Wall Ideas 2018

The vintage wall covering with parquet is perfect for any room

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parquet wall (8)

parquet wall (9)