Easy DIY Wall Decoration Ideas With Unexpected Design

wall decoration ideas colorfulWall decoration ideas

Its walls are the focus in every room in your home, so why not use it to distribute a statement from. And should paint and wallpaper does not fill the space, then create wall art. Here we have some clever (and unexpected) DIY ideas that can inspire you.

Color chips

From paint chips, you can take as a souvenir. For a unified look, choose two – three colours for an eclectic result – mix random shades.

This room-high mosaic looks impressive, but you can do something yourself. Take a pattern that is well in large format. Harder you get slightly more complicated.

A room-high mosaic

wall decoration ideas bird

Colorful squares

wall decoration ideas Rosa Blau


Anyway, you need a calendar, why it as decor do not integrate? Here we have a proposal series of 12 frame with seasonal symbols. Are you sure that you would then like to replace the calendar?

A calendar as decor

wall decoration ideas Cabinet stained

And here we have an advent calendar, which all year long can be used. Of course, you can switch the color combination according to your wishes, the collection is attached to a magnetic Board, so, you can also change the order.

The collection is mounted on a magnetic wall

wall decoration ideas magneticRed, blue…

wall decoration ideas round


Painting on Blackboard is becoming more and more popular in recent years. You have the freedom to design depending on the mood to change. In this example, there is the issue of United States.

Painting on Blackboard is becoming more and more popular in recent years

wall decoration ideas black table flowers


The theme of the copper Cookware exhibition is simplicity. In the project, vintage rural charm bring pots and pans in the kitchen.

The theme of the copper Cookware exhibition is simplicity

wall decoration ideas Cabinet wood Pan

You need be a professional Cook to be able to appreciate this exhibition. Whether you prepare gourmet delicacies or simple meals, your tools can make a beautiful exhibition. Brighten up the room with colourful Cookware, or create a gallery atmosphere with solid color theme.

You need to be a professional chef, to be able to appreciate this exhibition

wall decoration ideas bunt Pan

String art

Forgo the traditional image and make own profile so a string art. Choose a simpler picture and use your talents! Focus on the face – need to make no background.

Forgo the traditional image and make own profile so a string art

wall decoration ideas woman

Another example of string art is this 3D deer head. You can integrate animal motifs in their interior. This DIY works in the smaller format, so to choose a not too detailed figure.

Wall art needs not always stick to the traditional materials. Some of the best DIY ideas arise from unexpected materials. Are you already an atypical or special project? Let’s us in a comment below.

A beautiful mess

Better living through design

Indigo Bunting

Twig & Thistle


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Delightful deets