Wall Paint Green And Their Designer Interpretations

Original designer interpretations of the wall color green

Green is very popular this year, not only the Greenery of the Pantone Institute. Other designers are inspired by it and show their own unique interpretations of this otherwise well-known color.

Benjamin Moore

Bunker Hill Green (# 566) is the green of Benjamin Moore. This is the lively green shading, which strongly resembles the color of a clover leaf. Choose this for more drama and a seamless connection to the outside.

This green shading is reminiscent of the color of a clover leaf

Bunker Hill Green wall color green wall design

Mountain Lane (# 488) is the other designer interpretation of the green color of Benjamin Moore. This is a very saturated version, which would look particularly nice on accent areas in dark dark wood. Suitable would be the use on ample textiles. A possible alternative for such an ambience would be Dark Celery (# 2146-10).

A pleasant and fresh living space

Dark Celery wall color green wall design

Tequila Lime (# 2028-30) Is a third possible choice of green of the same fire. This allows you to create wonderful accents in neutral interiors.

Rosemary Sprig (# 2144-30) Is the liveliest choice of all. They thus spread life, warmth, and happiness. Especially suitable for geographic places, where often gloomy weather prevails.

Palm Leaf (# 7735) From Sherwin Williams

Wall design wall paint green wall paints

Sherwin Williams

For your wall color in green you could too Palm Leaf (# 7735) From Sherwin Williams. This is a perfect choice for an ambience that must be both mystical and romantic at the same time. Palm Leaf could bring a lot of drama into a space that is best shown by candle light.

Breakfast Room Green (No. 81)

Wall paint wall paint green furniture tips

Farrow & Ball

The most recent green color of Farrow & Ball is called”Room Room”(No. 81). You will immediately attract attention and create a popular mood. This color has a strong impact, so there must be other elements with comparable power. This creates a perfect balance in space.

Design the kitchen cabinets in a beautiful green color

La Fonda Olive wall design wall paint kitchen


La Fonda Olive (# 6006-6B) is a backdrop and it would be perfect for houses with a beautiful natural look. With their use, you create a strong relationship to the outside, but your interior design will still have a very distinctive character.

Green is very popular this year

Furnishing tips wall paint green room colors

A fitting idea for real fans of the green

Furnishings living room colors wall paint green

Wall Paint Green – Tequila Lime (# 2028-30)

Kitchen color wall paint ideas color design

Mountain Lane (# 488) is called the other designer interpretation

Mountain lane wall paint green

Rosemary Sprig (# 2144-30) is the liveliest choice of all

Rosemary Sprig wall paint ideas

Tequila Lime (# 2028-30) is a wonderful accent for every room

Tequila Lime wall decor wall paint green

The green color is also an excellent choice for facade design

Wall color green color coloring house

When using this strong wall paint, caution is called for

Wall decoration ideas wall paint ideas

This color has strong impact

Room colors wall paint ideas wall design
Farrow & Ball's wall color green