Five Surprising Combinations With Wall Color Blue

Wall Color Blue is one of the most popular options among house residents. It is most common in living rooms and bedrooms. The blue shading has an intellectual and reflective charisma. It is perfect for people who want to relax and concentrate deeply.

But what could combine the blue? This question must be considered very well. Only in this way can we fully develop the potential of the color.

Wall color blue first combination

Wall color blue with orange and purple

Blue should serve as a base here. Choose a very bright variant. Add white, sorbet orange and purple.

Blue second variant

Navy blue and plum, combined with citrus

Navy blue and plum can be really soothing and relaxing. But at the same time, it may be so the atmosphere Too hard to feel. However, not when you add a citrus color. The combination is very complex, but quite easily acceptable.

Wall decoration with blue number 3

Berlin blue and pastel

Take Berlin Blue as a base. With this color you can do almost anything wrong. For balance, lightening of mood and more harmony, we would recommend the combination with pastel nuances.

Wall stowage in blue 5

Blue as accent on wall color white

The theme was wall color blue. Nevertheless, we believe that this proposal is a good example. White or light gray can be used as background colors. Blue would appear on this basis as a great accent. For more warmth and dynamics you can enrich with yellow.

Sixth idea in blue

Blue and natural nuances

Blue is a color that can exist alone. It does not necessarily have to be combined with another particularly striking hue. The biggest proof of this is our last suggestion: Combine the wall color blue with white and other neutrals and enjoy the fabulous effect!

All of these combinations with wall color blue can be extremely creative. You can play with the intensity and saturation playfully. Blue is one of the Pantone colors of the year 2017 and in addition it remains in some way always trendy. Take a look at a few more great examples.

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Dark wall green chairs
Blue pink children's room
Blue pink and white
Blue very light yellow
Blue and light green
Blue and glue green
Blue and pink black bed
Blue and very bright yellow
Blue white brown
Light dark blue striped
Pink glue blue
Pink with blue elements on the wall