Wall Paint Ideas By Pantone For The Autumn Of 2017

Wall paint ideas by Pantone for the autumn of 2017

Why should you think of autumn at the beginning of the spring? One reason would be the passion for original wall color ideas. These have already been widely discussed for spring and summer. The fans of the original wall-color ideas for the interior furnishings are however curious and impatient. And Pantone has something to offer!

Perhaps you can also plan some conversions in your apartment now? In the summer there are so many more beautiful things to do!

Wall color ideas in Autumn Maple (the color of the autumnal maple)

In autumn orange dominates. Is there an alternative that offers something new but at the same time as warm and inviting as this color? What do you think of the autumnal maple – Pantone’s first proposal. This color is very good for putting strong accents in the room. You can, for example, paint a part of the kitchen.

D The color of the autumnal maple is a strong accent

Autumn colors in the room design

Wall Paint Ideas in Golden Lime

Golden lime is called the modern idea for the wall design of Pantone. A great alternative for the greenery that dominates spring and summer. It is just as lively and natural, but slightly muted – just like the mood of the season. This idea would be suitable for accent walls in kitchens and living rooms and everywhere you would use Greenery in spring.

Set the color Golden Lime in spring

Golden lime wall paint

Wall Paint Ideas in Shaded Spruce

Spruce in different nuances, what Shaded Spruce is called in German, sounds like something very green. However, less this color than the function of the trees served as inspiration. The protective energy that they carry with them comes to the fore. We find this color wonderful for the dining room and prestigious premises.

Very representative and elegant is the color Shaded Spruce

The wall paint shaded spruce

Wall color ideas in Tawny Port

Tawny Port will pose another inspiration for the designers in the autumn, says the forecast from Pantone. This gives you an elegant, elegant and uplifting look. You can use these wall paint ideas where they would apply red in the classic concept. A wonderful alternative, is not it?

The perfect appearance of the red color palette

Example for the professional wall design color tawny port

Wall Paint Ideas in Butterum

The warming drink served as inspiration. Tasteful and relaxing is both this, all the color, which was inspired by it. Also suitable for tasteful and elegant dining room. There are quite a lot of great colors for this context, do not you? Perhaps this suggests that the dining room, or the area with this function, will find a revival in the coming seasons?

Butterum is rather an inspiring color for the wall design

Butterum im raumbereich

Wall paint ideas in Navy Peony

The wall color ideas in this shading are inspired by the peony, as well as by the navy blue. This color retains the summer mood, it is very communicative and at the same time familiar at the same time. It still lends the room an upscale charm. Something suitable for living and dining room!

Enjoy the ancient atmosphere in the bathroom

Navy blue as a wall

The wall color Navy Peony is known as navy blue

Color navy peony as a trend for 2017

The alternative, which is known as the color of the autumn maple

The color autumn maple in the bedroom

Design your bedroom in the color Shaded Spruce

Spruce as wall paint for bedroom

The vibrant color for spring and summer: Lime

Autumn 2017 wall paint ideas lime

The inviting wall color idea dominates particularly well in autumn

Autumn 2017 wall design bedroom

Classic concept for the dining room: Tawny Port

Interior design wall paint tawny post

Greenery is one of the absolute highlights for 2017

Kitchen design in the golden lime

Tasteful and upscale appearance

Professional wall design ideas for 2017

Golden lime is recommended by many designers

Bedroom design Pantone Autumn 2017

The Pantone color is perfect for children’s rooms

Beautiful nursery design in color lime

Spruce in different nuances

Wall colors for 2017 spruce color palette

The inspiration for the color is the autumn maples

Wall paint ideas color autumn maple

Butterum is tasty and relaxing

Wall design in the buterrum trends for 2017

This wall color idea Autumn Maple can be applied in the kitchen

Wall design with the color of the maple

The green color palette is refreshing

Wall decoration in color golden lime