Wall Color Blue – A Sense Of Peace And Relaxation

wall color kitchen island flooring wood pigeon blue Hell Blau

Put on the soothing atmosphere through the blue colour scheme

The colors you choose for your wall decorations and wall decoration, prove to a more popular and popular topic. Our goal here is to show you several examples of wall colors to determine their impact on the senses and decide on the most appropriate in your own interior design.

Each colour has its aesthetic, optical and psychological effect.

Set the colors in the room, according to the views of the home – the rooms are lit enough sunlight, is the role of each designer, corresponding colour combinations and accent colors to offer, but the most important thing is, how the senses affect any color.

Wall color pigeon blue

wall color blue exotic species

The three main colors are yellow, blue and red. When they are mixed, you get more color shades. According to their psychological impact, these are referred to as hot and cold.

The cold colors are passive – they have a calming, relaxing, and create a sense of immobility and coolness. Those are blue, green and purple.

Today we deal mainly with the blue and with the blue wall color used.

Dunkleblaue wall color in the small kitchen

pigeon blue paint painting picture frame

Blue exudes calm and airy and comforting and helps while concentrating. Suitable as a background of intense colors especially in sunny rooms. In the living room and bedroom, the walls and the ceiling in this color give a feeling for optical size. The blue for work room, nursery, where it creates a pleasant, calming atmosphere is especially suitable.

Beautiful pigeons

wall color blue types saturated colors

Classic bedroom design for young people

wall paint Taubenblan traditional bedroom hanging lamp

Bedroom on the attic pigeon blue paint attic wood panels ceiling

Built-in fireplace with firewood

blue dark trendy living room hanging chair

Non-woven wallpaper in blue in the hallway

wall color blue classic motifs

Compact kitchen facilities

wall paint decoration Dove blue kitchen countertop

Two shades of blue color

pigeon blue paint kitchen dining room

Kitchen design with wooden furniture

pigeon blue paint kitchen cabinet modern living

Bold blue behind the Wall shelves

paint decorative motifs butterflies pigeon blue shelves dish dishes

Vivid sky blue

bedside lamp wall color pigeon blue bedroom headboard

Horizontal stripes of light and dark wall

pigeon blue paint bedroom Strip wall decoration

Traditional bedroom

fresh colours of dark blue bedroom wall decoration

Bedroom wall – symmetrically arranged and decorated

wall color frame blue bedroom wall symmetry

Bathroom design with style

wall color wall mirror pigeon blue vertical stripes

Sitting in the bedroom with blue side table

wall color chair cushion pigeon blue seating Chair side table

Geography on the wall

Dove blue sofas pillow wood chair

Living room sofa with dark blue upholstery

wall color yellow flowers blue carpet sofa upholstery

Traditionally furnished

wall color comfortable blue traditional living room window

Dove blue as wall color

wall color Wall shelves, decorative items Dove blue mural Kühn

Light blue wall colors

wall color TV blue wall living room

Velvet upholstery – Oriental interior design ideas

Dove blue living room luxury wall color

Golden and blue combined

wall color chandelier dining table chairs pigeon blue ceiling dining room