If You Prefer Wallpaper Or Paint?

Soon you want to repaint your own four walls, or more likely you need a change of scenery? What is now better?

In many forums and online journals and reading, that painting is generally easier, faster and less expensive compared to wallpaper, but the wall decoration with wallpapers look simply much more noble and much could give more comfort to the room. Generally this may be true in some ways already. The innovative technologies in the materials and the design but leave hardly any place for such unilateral statements. The new products both in the area of wall colors and wallpaper are so incredibly different in quality, colors and patterns that you can not really compare painting and wallpapering in many aspects.

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Of course, are there fundamental principles to keep in mind when you want the walls properly delete or want to paper these. Taken is basically: what like is the best choice! Because at home you must feel already the most comfortable, secure and balanced -. And the right wallpaper in any case can help, as well as the matching paint and the soothing color combination.

In this video, you will learn the basic steps that you need with the painting:

It continues with the multi-faceted world of wall-paper. Much time has passed since the first paper wallpapers, just very cumbersome and slow could be brought to bear on the walls. Nowadays, we have a huge selection of colors and patterns, and quite many wallpaper types, from which we can choose according to their own taste and personal preference.

Satin wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper living room of wood sofa cushion species retroradio

What differences are there in wallpapers?

The most famous and often cheapest wallpaper is the so-called woodchip. It is also very versatile and is suitable not only for wallpapering the walls, but also the ceiling and is also often used as ink for painting. Paper wall-paper are a more, very wide offered wallpaper style, which can be found in almost all patterns and colors in the stores. Tree wallpaper, which distinguish themselves through a dramatic appearance are suitable for painting over. Satin wallpaper, however, include the highest quality at all. These are often more expensive, but also have a very important advantage – they can wash up well. A successful overview of all types of wallpaper here.

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Speaking of dishes – that’s where it is damp in your home, as for example in the bathroom, in the Hall or in the stairwell, is worth in any case to paper the walls with vinyl wallpaper. These are made from a PVC layer and optimally repel water and moisture.

The novice goes into things hanging, where it is possible to prefer non-woven wallpapers. These are easier to bring not only much of the walls, but they cover every little crack on the surface of the wall perfectly and reliably. Also can be removed quickly and easily the nonwoven wallpaper desire also dry or undress from a rented flat.

Look here just how easy wallpapering with nonwoven works:

The photo wallpapers come in the end. This had its hype in the 80s, experience absolute made a comeback but just with the progressive digitalization of most areas of life, and are again the trend. With a photo wallpaper, you miss every room an individual touch and incomparable charm.

So, follow your gut feelings in the first place and decide between wallpapering and painting, or combine both methods for your desired wall decoration with style. Consult later by professionals and search in the Internet. Look for quality and a good value for money and stay inspired.

The editorial staff wishes you have fun at the home improvement and a good luck!

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