These 3 Colors Are Modern In 2018

The year 2018 is approaching and the time has come for a rather important topic – the trendy color scheme of our four walls is now in the limelight. Interior design is one of the most important aspects that move us, and in this article we would like to look at the so-called trends that will determine the fashionable colors in the interior in 2018. Be inspired by our ideas!

Modern Color Design 2018: Pink – the stylish color palette

One of the most famous colors of 2017 is the pink color palette. This category also counts Rose Gold , which ensures a tremendous interest worldwide. It’s about a similar shade of pink used for wall designs and pieces of furniture. Designers call this color a”dusty pink”because it’s more about a darker version of the classic pink shade. The look impresses from afar, as can be seen in the following picture. This color palette provides an untypical design language that leaves you speechless.

Stylish and elegant interior

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Modern color design 2018: Dark purple – a new symbol of luxury

In the automotive industry, a few models have been designed with details in purple for the interior and the final result ensures a luxurious appearance. The same applies to the interior design, because this color will be trendy in 2018. It is not necessary to make the entire interior in purple, but quite the opposite.

Since it is a very specific color, it applies here: less is more! Combine the wall design with other nuances, but let this color palette take precedence. Designers believe that Lila can add energy and depth to any room, thanks to the luxurious look. Ultra Violet has already been chosen by Pantone Color Institute for Color of the Year 2018. Let’s see what the future holds!

Ultra Violet – a design highlight

Cool wall colors trends

Trendy color design: Tech – Green – the color of the future

Remember the color of the year 2017 Greenery, which is a bright and very intense nuance of the green? In 2018, a similar color palette remains in Top 3, which is more categorized to the colorful nuances and namely”Tech Green”. This bright nuance has a unique charisma and this creates a new symbol of luxury in every room. It is important that you combine this color with other neutral colors. Take your time and think about which colors are best combined with”Tech Green”. Light yellow and blue nuances are considered suitable. The”Tech Green”color is so impressive, so modern that it does not leave any design lover indifferent.

This green color palette replaces the greenery

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The 3 candidates for the color of the year 2018 show their individual strengths and prove a pretty new symbol of attractiveness. Our editors have carefully selected a selection of concepts in the following picture gallery. Have fun browsing!

Dark purple is considered very specific

Colors of 2018 ideas

colors interior design ideas

Rosa makes for an attractive appearance

pink pink colors nuances color palette

pink colors interior designs color design

Purple gives every room luxury

Ultra Violet Current colors nuances color palette

Combine the color palette with the matching decorative pieces

Ultra Violet Design Concept

Modern colors interior design ideas

Attractive wall colors trends

Nursery design in green: attractive and suitable for your children

Ideas and design colors from 2018

Interior design wall colors trends

Ultra Violet brings a welcoming feeling

Purple ideas Current colors nuances color palette

Small decorative pieces in purple form an elegant end result

living-room-design-idea-present-modern-dark-purple-window-curtain-and-noguchi-coffee-table-so-white modern-living-room-design design-home-living-room-plan-modern-  ideas-int

Design language that makes speechless

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