Magic Of Spices – Nutmeg As Universal Spice

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The nutmeg – magic of spices

Do you know the nutmeg? No? We want to, useful storage advice tell you some interesting facts about the nutmeg and tell you which foods you need to include this spice. Find out the magic of spices and understand why we have called a universal spice nutmeg.

Interesting facts about the nutmeg

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The nutmeg tree grows on the islands of Indonesia and in the Caribbean region, mainly on the island of Grenada. Until recently, Grenada was 20% of nutmeg production worldwide. Here, this spice is so honored that it is part of the national flag. The nutmeg is the seed of the tree.

For years, traders have earned good money with the sale of nutmeg in the world. At the end of the 16th century and at the beginning of the 17th century it has spread rumors that the nutmeg is a powerful cure for the plague.

The cultivation of nutmeg trees is not easy and requires great patience. Between 7 and 9 years old, the tree needs to give fruit. 20 years after cultivation the tree reaches its full capacity on fertility.

The retention of the nutmeg

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Our advice is to buy whole nutmeg seeds. In this way you will enjoy fully their taste and aroma. Keep the Spice in a tightly closed box at room temperature. Keep it away from heat and moisture. Avoid storing the nutmeg in glass jar, because the direct light hurts their quality.

Magic of spices – nutmeg in the kitchen

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We have called a universal spice nutmeg and now we are ready to defend this statement.

A pinch of this spice you can add to your favorite pastries – cakes, pies, and cookies. At the same time, you can use the nutmeg to flavor vegetables. It is very fitting to carrots, potatoes and broccoli.

Great recipe ideas

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The usually boiled rice will get a specific flavor, if you give some nutmeg. The lamb meat and various fillings with minced meat are also very tasty, if you add this spice. Sprinkle with nutmeg pasta and you’ll notice it how great her taste changed.

The taste of nutmeg in drinks is strongest. Add it to hot chocolate, or an exotic cocktail and enjoy it.

Her favorite pastry will be much delicious by the nutmeg

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Scouts you the magic of spices for out

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Season the pasta with nutmeg magic of spices-

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Treat something exotic times

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Looks like the ungetrocknete nutmeg

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Prepare the rice in an aromatic way to magic of spices-

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Grind nutmeg shortly before the application

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With the nutmeg you will refine each pastry

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Surprise your family with an unusual taste

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Use the nutmeg as a universal spice

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Refine the taste of the pumpkin with a pinch of nutmeg

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