Grilling Can Be So Easy And Practical!

The barbecue season has a great value for millions of families in Germany. You can spend some hours barbecuing with friends or family. But in the city, this activity is not so easy. More and more people like to ride a bike to the barbecue and take the products. They use large bags and backpacks to transport food and gril optimally. However, these products and barbecue accessories are considered impractical for the handlebars of the bike and this extra weight could cause dangerous consequences. A woman from Munich has tried to solve this problem cleverly. Her name is Carolin Kunert and she has designed a multifunctional barbecue that fits practically every bike. Such ideas for barbequing are among the most popular features these days. Learn more interesting details in the following points.

Multifunctional and versatile. So you like grilling!

ideas for barbecue

Out and about with the grill

The grill has a cool shape and classic color combination, and can be extended in a practical way if you have invited several friends. The size of the grill fits every situation and can be adjusted at any time. If you have two or three people at the grilling are, then the normal size is perfect. The transport of the grill is secured by means of two stainless steel slides.

The product fits all standard two-wheelers, whether road bike or city bike. The sturdy attachment can be easily positioned on the handlebars like a bicycle basket. It usually takes a few seconds if you have already adjusted the attachment with thumbscrews. This construction was designed from solid steel and rubber protection. So you will not be restricted while driving and concentrated on the bike path.

The grill offers enough space for storing the food. So you can carry it like a normal basket if you want to walk or drive to the park. People keep asking themselves: how do you take all the necessary things with you? The grill size is 49x23cm and weighs 4.5 kg. Thus, you will have no difficulty packing, because there is enough space for everything.

Easily carry the grill on the beach or in the park

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Creative features provide many benefits

The easy-care surface of the grill has been carefully designed so that there is a perfect coating for every dishwasher. So you can easily put the grill in the dishwasher. The surface consists of two zones: for normal steaks and for smaller products such as onions or tomatoes.

Once you’re done grilling and dispose of the coal, the entire construction takes about 4 minutes to cool down. The two surfaces close the grill and avoid the flying out of dust and coal.

Two different zones provide practical use and many ideas for barbecuing

We would like to introduce the numerous ideas for grilling in the following picture gallery.

Easy to use on the beach or in the park

ideas for grilling cool tips

The enhanced version offers many advantages

ideas for a barbecue bike

Bring charcoal and enjoy the free time

ideas for barbecue basket

The two grill zones are designed so that you can close the grill!

ideas for grilling rust

Two different zones provide for large and small products. So nothing falls through the grill!

cool ideas for barbecue

The grill can be very cleverly extended if you have invited several friends!

ideas for barbecue grill expanded

The construction fits every bike

Ideas for grilling bicycle handlebars

Within seconds, firmly position the grill and drive to the barbecue area

bicycle grill handlebar ideas

The grill offers enough space for different products. Take advantage of it!

ideas place barbeque grill

Enjoy the barbecue season with a practical BBQ. Use the brackets like a basket.

Clever positioning of ideas for barbecuing