Fashion Trends Dominating Berlin Fashion Week-

Berlin fashion week – cozy atmosphere and dominant fashion trends

Successful overview of the Berlin fashion week could hardly succeed within an article. We try to absorb some particularly representative moments yet for you, so that you get with the mood and draw important conclusions about the 2017 dominating fashion trends on the German market.

Between optimism and pessimism

Strong and opposite emotions reigned at the Berlin fashion week. But, no one remained indifferent. Here came to express different emotional States. A sense of isolation, and Yes, the pessimism we can discover for example when Vladimir Karaleev. We find exactly the opposite when Nina Hoschek – with her, we see pink and blue, pattern with Micky Maus and asterisk.

The collection of Nina Hoschek

Lena Hoschek show Mercedes Benz fashion week Berlin A/W 2017

However, it is worth to look closely on the collections of both designers. And then we surprisingly discover the signs of opposition. Karaleev we discover very positive elements under the dark appearance of the surface. Lust life and chic fashion show his models through the use of silk and satin.

Indicate also the artfully executed elements. Used here in the form of the valance.

Chic and at the same time artistically

Berlin fashion week vladimir karaleev 2017 trends

The collection of Lena Hoschek may be called in turn also not too naive. As it says the designer himself, to attract here like pink glasses, but you could see through this. In other words, she is defying deliberately the always dominant gloomy mood in everyday life through their pink colors and hand outfits.

Outfit: Mickey Mouse pattern of Lena Hoschek

Berlin Fashion Week Lena Hoschek Mickey Maus trends yellow dress

Dresses as singled out in the fairy tale

The fairytale prevails in some of the shown Collections. A great example is Marina Hoermanseder, interpreting the fashion is definitely futuristic. Corsages and buckles appear singled out from the fairy tale with her. The flowers are another important element – they are introduced as a pattern here. Floral motifs are well represented.

The collection by Marina Hoermanseder, who is clearly fairytale

Berlin fashion week Marina of Hall trends fall 2017

If by magical speech is, we must mention also the Dollhaus dresses of the just mentioned Lena Hoschek.

Berlin Fashion week Lena Hoschek Doll House

The minimalism can be extravagant

The Berlin fashion week this year was a very international, ethnic and strong emotional messages laden atmosphere. An extravaganza that resulted and they established himself as the rule on this fashion show. In this context, the minimalist solutions are rather striking. They’ve got the biggest applause in part, maybe also because they were rare. To do this, you can see the models of Holy Ghost.

Extravagant and flashy

Berlin fashion week Lena holly ghost models

You belong nowhere and everywhere

There is hardly a collection without fusion of high fashion and many other aspects. An important example of this is Steinrohner. Within at-leisure style and tulle are combined from the same collection.

Bold combinations can be found also at the ethical fashion show. Here, they are also right. If a dress has both official and everyday items in themselves, she could fit in principle in many different fashion concepts. To save on production and spending and living sustainably.

A show of daring combinations

Berlin fashion week ethical show in berlin modetrends

Preparation for the ethical fashion show

Berlin fashion week preparation ethical show new trends

Sustainable and green fashion

We stay a little on the subject of sustainability. A part of the show was dedicated to this aspect. This is the ethical fashion show. The ladies will enjoy about the effective tights made of recycled plastic. Even no cotton or other synthetic materials were used, so one at all contributes to the destruction of the Earth. Still, you feel comfortable and the models look quite elegant.

For sustainability, also the political messages can be interpreted as Struts. You are becoming an essential part of fashion as the London fashion week for men’s fashion shows. In Berlin, we saw this in the women’s collection from Talbot Runhof.

The women’s collection from Talbot Runhof

Berlin fashion week Talbot Runhof new collection pre fall 2017

Currently implemented trends with some glitter

Finally we would like to draw your attention on another dominant trend, which can be regarded also as very persistent. Rather than proceed quite extravagant and whimsical clothes of the future to design, we observe the following when many designers: existing trends will be implemented and models are spiced up with glittering and elegant fabrics. They seem so festive, super chic and this portable. So the fashion to pamper and enjoy, is not there – how many times before, to us life complicated to make and to enslave us.

Very extravagant trend

Berlin fashion week 2017 trends abstract

A highlight of the show: Star as an ornament for the lips

Berlin fashion week Lena Hoschek Mickey Mouse trends lips star

Eye-catching and stylish trends

Berlin Weekethical fashionshow in berlin

Fresh ideas from the collection of the Talbot Runhof

Berlin fashion week Talbot Runhof new collection

Men’s fashion at the ethical fashion show

Berlin fashion week ethical show model