Designs And Helpful Tips When Choosing Stove

In many German cities, the temperatures drop surprisingly quickly and put many homeowners in front of certain problems regarding their heating. The weather in winter brings very cold days and many design lovers want a multifunctional idea that can heat the rooms optimally and at the same time provide an attractive look. Our tip to them follows right away in today’s article, for which we have chosen the theme stove. You will find out in the following paragraphs why our editors have chosen exactly this furnishing idea.

Current designs of stoves

The stoves have a unified design for decades. Black color and angular shapes are classics among the market products on offer. Current stove models are offered with a large glass panel, which allows an attractive look. This allows you to enjoy the soothing heat perfectly. Choose a cool design that will blend in with your interior design.

The glass pane creates a welcoming atmosphere

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Which position of the stove is considered correct?

Since each stove has a specific space heating capability, there are different and individual positioning positions for each model. If the stove has a fairly large space heating capacity, then it is recommended to select a middle position in the apartment or in the house for this.

In the nursery or near the seating area in the living room positioned he could even have disadvantages, especially if the stove has a high heat output.

Choose a strategic position for your stove!

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Which type of wall design best suits the stove?

Again and again we see retro interior designs with stoves, because these are considered a perfect combination that has been trendy for many years. Stone walls are among the most up to date designs that go great with stoves and the end result adds a special mood to the room. An alternative to the stone wall is the concrete look or light gray as wall paint. All gray shades can be perfectly combined with the concrete look. Once you have selected a specific place for the stove, then you can apply a cool wall paint only around the radiator. So you will make the stove to a real eye-catcher in the room. How to make the job even better, you will learn in the next point.

Combine the fireplace with the wall design

Heat up stove selection and ideas

Many homeowners ask each year the question: where could the firewood be stacked for the winter? The answer to this question can be found very easily and that is: best at home! Yes, because this furnishing idea has already become established as a trend. The aesthetic storage of firewood in the living room makes the entire room look natural, of course, when the firewood is stacked very well. This means that you must plan the storage very carefully and be able to make an attractive end result of the different forms. You can also store the firewood on both sides of the stove.

The storage of firewood gives the whole room a cool look

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Do not forget technical data!

Since this is a multifunctional idea, our editorial team would also like to discuss the quality and technical specifications of the stoves. According to statistics, the stoves are considered the most popular type of heating in Germany. After you have found a suitable design to suit your taste, then you should definitely familiarize yourself with the technical data and product features. In the first place you should pay attention to the heating power and the heating capacity. Of course, it depends on how big your apartment is and whether the stove can heat the whole room optimally. A large part of the stoves have a high heating capacity of about 120-150 m³, which is enough for 3-4 rooms. Equally important is the fuel that is suitable for your fireplace. There are stoves that can be heated with logs, wood briquettes and lignite, which is an important advantage for many homeowners.

The heating capacity of the stove is considered particularly important

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Stove selection and ideas

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