Current Color Combinations For A Perfect Tattoo

When the summer is over, we can say quietly: It’s time for more tattoos! Statistics show that in the summer a large proportion of people are being tattooed for the first time. People are inspired by others and want to look attractive in the summer. Of course, there are many reasons that lead us to claim that summer is not the perfect time to jump.

The sun in the summer months seems extremely strong and without the appropriate tattoo cream you will notice a significant color loss after certain time. Another reason that speaks against stinging in the bright sun are the infections in the summer caused by the high temperatures. For this reason, we recommend the period from September to October to get the desired tattoos. In the article, we would like to present a variety of colored tattoos and which colors best suit them.

Be creative when choosing color combinations

Cool tattoos cat

In the first place one must know that the colored tattoos are significantly more expensive than the normal ones. The price difference is large and of course depends on many factors, such as the number of colors, the size of the tattoos and the total duration of the pricking. If you have chosen a tattoo, then discuss your motif with your tattoo artist.

A meeting is always very useful, because you are very well advised and informed about the colors. Discuss the combinations of different colors with your friends or family before making the final decision.

Elegant textures and forms are now in great demand

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The color combinations are enormous nowadays. There are colors that are among the most popular nuances for the human body and our editorial team would like to share with you. Red is considered the most popular color among all. For this reason roses are mostly tattooed in red and the look is unique. Nowadays, the multiple color combinations are very timely and in demand. This means a tattoo in red, blue, yellow and green. Such combinations become an eyecatcher and provide curious looks. No matter what color you want on your skin, we recommend selecting a darker shade. Reason for this is that many tattoos have to be postponed and this brings disadvantages for you of course. Colors like purple can be faded in some places, but with good care the fading does not actually happen.

Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and color combinations. Our editorial team has selected an exclusive picture gallery with the best options for you.

With proper care, you can reduce color loss

Blue rose as tattoo



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