Chinese Horoscope: What Awaits Us In The Year To The Fire Tap?

Chinese horoscope: 2017 is the year of the fire valve – what does that mean?

For many members of the Zodiac, the year of the fire tap of fateful importance will be. This applies to both the career and all other substantive areas, and love. We will start to feel all the complex temperament of the animal.

Chinese horoscope for the year to the fire tap

Chinese horoscope 2017 fire tap what symbolizes

The rooster and the Sun

The hammer symbolizes the Sun according to the Chinese because he receives every morning and welcomed. In Japan, one is of the opinion that this animal with the rebirth of the world is. In India, they worshipped him also because solar energy. In China, more is added: the Rooster stands for the most important human dignities: courage, nobility, generosity, loyalty and dignity.

Chinese horoscope – does anything to the fire tap year out?

Chinese horoscope 2017 the year of the fire of valve


the fire

The coming year will be under the sign to the fire tap, according to the Chinese calendar. The fire is the element that most dominated. Passion and energy to feel all. Spirited people who like to do something about it will be unstoppable. However, this poses many dangers, for example, to act too quickly or too much to leave, and too late to remember this.

Go through the new year full of energy

Chinese horoscope confidently spirited

Beware how you act in the new year

Chinese horoscope happy nature

Ways to find the right partner

The singles have a wonderful chance to find a loyal and good partner in 2017. But then, if they have already developed the necessary properties, they do this. Especially, you should have no fear of changes. On the contrary: 2017 is a suitable year for risks.

This year, you can find the right partner for you

Chinese horoscope food lovers together

Progress on work

Vitality and movement forward – the Rooster symbolizes the fire. Self realization and unfold the potential are highest priorities of the tap and the people in line with the energy of life.

Professional achievements have

Chinese horoscope fire tap success in the workplace


Who lives in harmony with the energy of the valve in 2017, gets not only enough, but far from all. This animal loves the income and the wealth. But it of not cheap, but can give as well as get. Thus, the fire valve ensures a wealth of inner and outer.

Their financial blow could be improved

Chinese horoscope Rooster fire material success have

The inner wealth is not to forget despite of the outer

Chinese horoscope fire hanh surplus

Intellect, which is reflected in the external appearance

Particularly successful people will be using for your attractiveness and appeal on the broadcast. Because the fire-Hahn is just so – his intelligence and strength are reflected in his appearance. This year we may be spirited, but not superficial. So we get the best of what we have earned so far with our work.

Spirited and self-confident

Chinese horoscope careers have the jahrdes fire of Rooster