Big Cinemas The 45 Top Movies Of The Last Decade

Top movies with an unexpectedly intricate plot

Anyone who likes to look at movies, really appreciate the intricate actions and the non-foreseeable outcome. They’re just not as often. We have created a list of top movies for you, keeping you up to the last moment in voltage. Are you ready for something really unexpected and exciting?

Predestination (predestination)

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The future – something that we find interesting. In the plot of this film, the scientists have designed a time machine and thus brought the human civilization to a new stage of development. You now have the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past. Is really better this way but the present?

Side effects – deadly side effects

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The main character of the film Emily has mental problems. They were formed after her husband in jail had been sent. Emily falls into depression and even tried to end their own lives. The psychologist prescribed her antidepressants, but she would rather experiment with a new drug from which a co-worker told her.

The perfect crime

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The Assistant of the public prosecutor in an intricate game device with a man who tried to kill his own wife because of an affair. The perpetrators did not fall into the prison because a bureaucratic error happened, which was good for him. That will change, and everyone gets what he deserves?

Top movies – wild things

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The seventeen year old Kelly falls in love with her teacher. You tried in various ways to attract his attention. If she doesn’t get it, what she wants, looks for ways to get revenge. You get to help a friend. Soon, Kelly, but understands that it has become a player in a very dishonest game.

Room 1408 (1408)

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Mike Enslin is a successful writer who writes about terrifying phenomena. He moves to a motel named 1408. The ensuing nightmares surpass even his most terrible ideas.

“13 sins – game of death”

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Elliot Brindle has a ton of debt and looking for a way out of his almost desperate situation. He gets a call and he will be offered participation in a TV show. It seems that his fortune came to him that on this occasion he can earn very much money. Everything is but not as easy as it looks. He must take part in a game and perform 13 tasks. Unfortunately, he may not be, but is used as a pawn.

Who am I – no system is safe

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Benjamin is a young computer genius. In the real world but he’s nobody. He wants the frame of him breaking limiting system. To achieve this, he commits a series of crimes in cyberspace. But what awaits him now? Who is he anyway? In how far falls together thus, what he wants to be?

The skin I live in

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Robert Ledgard is a world famous surgeon. His greatest achievement is that he has created artificial human skin. He assured everyone he had conducted experiments with rates. The truth is that he has caught a young woman at home and use them for the realization of his project.

Smokin’ ACEs

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In the center of this story is the godfather of a mafia boss. Currently, he is working as a magician and decides to act against his old comrades in the Court as a witness. The gangsters who are affected, pledge one million dollars for his head. FBI tried to hide it, but the magician appears repeatedly in public and thus encourages new and new professional murderers.


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The main character in this movie is called Roger Brown. Helping top companies to find leaders for their manager positions. He leads a lifestyle that does not correspond to his income. Roger using his professional position to commit crimes: he is involved in the theft of expensive works of art of that are in the possession of his clients.

Top movies – oblivion

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The film shows us a terrible vision. This is the Earth after a war with the alien attackers. The Earth is devastated and no one can live there. Those who are not dead, need a haven. The main character manages to save a woman’s life, and soon this changed his fate.

American hustle (US Hardcover)

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The plot in this movie revolves around a special mission. They developed at the end of the 70s and early 80s. To investigate an incident involving a stolen storage. However, the thread leads to the higher levels of the hierarchy and we discovered cases of corruption affecting a wider mass of people.

A risky plan

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A former policeman is suspected of a crime. Desperate, he remember to end his life by jumping off of the roof. Psychologists of the police tried to talk him out of this plan. The tension grows with every minute. The emotions are strong: ultimately, only an innocent man so painful can respond to such allegations, or?

1 murder 2

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Andrew Wyke is a very successful mystery writer. He invites you to be his wife’s lover and makes him a very tempting offer. Andrew Wyke knows of the affair of the two and is even ready to divorce. He represents certain conditions.

Top films with a completely unexpected ending

You will find that you have a talent, to guess the end of the movies? We have a list of titles for you, representing a major challenge to your ability for this. Are you curious? Stick with it, then continue reading. We hope that at least a few of the titles of the top movies for you are new and exciting evenings at home to enjoy it.

12 Monkeys

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Let’s start with this film by Terry Gilliam. His films have such an original style, one remains until the end of it, even if they don’t really like. 12 Monkeys – this is a compelling story of fantastic, but not a fairy tale. You fall into a world in which time travel is possible. The protagonist first travels to the future, will return to the past. There she meets brilliant, but totally crazy people. It comes to disclosing a great mystery. It proves that behind it is a very simple explanation at the end.


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All movie heroes are here very seriously. It is impossible to watch this movie, and not to laugh. At the same time you must be super focused, not to lose the thread of all parallel plot lines.

Butterfly effect – the end is the beginning

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Most of you know this movie for sure. However, it is worth time and again to look at this. Believe us, you’ll discover something new every time. The plot is so involved that you here not only by one, but can talk of several surprising outputs.


top fime good movies cool movies identity

The plot of this film is full of puzzles. If you have never seen him, you can never guess the end. Want to bet on it? The mood is tense all the time, and all participants are under suspicion.

The box

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Many philosophical questions posed in this movie. You all need longer time to get appropriate answers. It comes to a show which brings aliens or magical forces. A legendary story begins with her that contains no clear moral teaching. We live in boxes? Can we perceive both our cars than our jobs, our homes, and even our grave as such?


top fime good movies, cool movies Oakley

This is a very high-quality, unique production, which was filmed in South Korea. The Director represents the life like a game of chess. To make a wrong step and it has already lost. With every word and every action play a special role. You must consider everything that one does, previously well so the message of the film. He however also represents a wonderful opportunity, to deal with this life perception shared by many people.

Black Swan

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This film is a unique psychological drama. You can enjoy at the same time exciting atmosphere and wonderful acting. Continue to move the wide range of emotions. The main question of this film is whether peace or the apparent perfection are important. Watch the movie and find an answer for himself.

The village – the village

top fime good movies cool films the village

This film is like an anthem of colours and the beauty. Compared to many other romantic stories is much human, witty, realistic, and therefore admirable. But it’s also a story about human fears and persistent attempts, we make to escape reality and to build a world of its own.

The ghost writer (the ghost writer)

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The subject of the film can be compared with a maze. It consists of many great offerings, which are available to viewers before fictional people as well as against us -. Roman Polanski shows the dark side of politics. He revealed it in a brilliant way, which is typical only for him.

The illusionist

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The plot is so exciting that you 10 times can look at this movie, unless he is a boring. It’s about the brilliant illusionist Eisenheimer. Making a bold decision to engage in a dangerous and complicated affair because of love. Already, he wins the hearts of the audience. But they fall for him even more, when they see in what manner he realised his plans.

The incomprehensible – now you see me

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The next of our top movies is really spectacular, dynamic and exciting. The magic box has not 2, but hidden 3 floors here. This is so unexpected as all events that happen in this movie.

Gone girl – the perfect victim

top fime good movies cool movies girl gone

With this title we close off our list of top films with an unexpected end. The first impression is that here is a not very original plot before him. But then, you will find out that it’s all evolved, as you do not expect it. You will learn that you must be especially vigilant if everything looks “normal”.

Top movies, which you can use to develop your logical thinking

Exam – lethal test

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It’s about a simple plan to bring out the best intellectual potential by some people. They are brought together in an enclosed space, it provides you with challenging tasks and it is limited in terms of resources and time. These are eight competitors for a very good job. You all have to answer a single question. But which is it?

The best offer

popular cinema film films top the best offer

A charming and interesting woman suddenly appears in the life of a well-known art critic. She is very mysterious and wishes that he assessed their possessions. What’s behind it? One thinks of the beginning, the answer was obvious. But this is by far not the case. The output from the situation will employ you guaranteed a few days after viewing the film.

The incomprehensible – now you see me

Now You see me 2013 films popular movies top movies

It’s about four stage magician who get much applause during their performances. This is what you see. What you but don’t know of them is that they take very many organized robbery action. You of course use their tricks. If you want to decrypt, you need to carefully watch how the rapes they succeed. It approaches to the end, it is the more complicated in this movie.

Jackie Chan is nobody

Jackie Chan is nobody films popular movies top movies

If you like films with fight scenes, then this is exactly your thing. The main character is a computer genius, but in real life, he is nobody. His life takes a radical turn, when he meets a person who represents its opposite. You are guaranteed impatiently expect the end so that you can learn, who actually is the main person.

All beauty must the

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A mysterious disappearance, secrets from the past, doubts about the mental health of some of those intrigues. It is part of a beautiful love story.

The film is interesting, but expect the aftertaste it leaves. This will be strong, especially when you know that it’s real events.

The double

the double films popular movies top movies

Simon is very modest. On the work he is ignored and his dream woman noticed him simply. At some point, James shows up but. He is his new colleague. James is charismatic and confident. He is a double by Simon… The film is also so exciting, because it is a modern interpretation of Dostoyevsky’s doppelganger represents.

Timecrimes – murder is only a matter of time

Timecrimes films popular movies top

Héctor looks like a normal person. He is totally satisfied with his life. One also normal-looking evening, he gets into a time machine in the forest. This story sounds like a banal scene of an American movie. But the Spanish interpretation is very different and it is worth to look at. The time paradoxes are considered here in a completely new and very critical perspective.

Gone girl – the perfect victim

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Here, the issue of the difficulty of relationships between men and women is resumed. A man loses his wife. While he is looking after her, he must reveal the darkest secrets of their relationship and his own life.


cube films popular movies top movies

A few people get mixed up with a very mysterious place. This is full of dangers and you find at all, no way out of their difficult situation. This is a production that shows us that great movies can be created with little money.

Ex machina

popular movies movies top ex machina

The atmosphere of the film is full of secrets and high technologies. A young scientist is testing a robot that has the intellect of a woman over a week. Both begin a psychological and intellectual game and it is not clear, who comes as a winner from it.

You want to develop your intellectual skills, even if you have a rest? If so, then should remember the movies from this list and they look at first opportunity.

Top films which explore the human psychology

We need to talk about Kevin

popular movies top movies movies we need to talk about Kevin

What is a gloomy, but very impressive psychological history. It’s about the relationships between mother and son. Unfortunately, the story takes a tragic end. The young Kevin brings some classmates and his own father and sister. Of course, the question remains open for the mother of Dana, whether it was their fault.

Martha Marcy may Marlene

popular movies top movies films Martha Marcy May Marlene

This film shows a fine and deep image of the human psyche. Viewers must guess all the time, what will happen yet. You don’t know whether it is the speech of the memories of the protagonist or whether real events are represented all the time. You must all the time wonder critically, whether it has to do with reality or imagination.


popular movies top movies movies here

This is one the most original top films from recent years that ensures excitement both the audience and the critics. The main character of the film fell into an operational system. That sound absurd? The conditions are quite normal in many respects…


popular movies top movies movies dogtooth

Do you miss the cinema with multi-layered meaning? We have to see something really interesting and useful? This top film anti-totalitarian views and represents the patriarchal values of people in a grotesque form. The criticism against the conservative values is really cruel in some moments.


popular movies top movies movies Stoker

Park Chan-wook has a talent for it, in cold blood, neurally and even beautiful to describe the crazy people. This film keeps you in suspense until the last minute. Then we go with consider. Everyone asks himself: how much craziness inside each one of us actually?


popular movies top movies movies womb

How sound the combination of science fiction and psychology for you? A woman can withstand the death of her husband and cloned him. All the time she must have doubts but whether she made a right or wrong decision.

Goodbye solo

popular movies top movies movies goodbye solo

In this movie is of a random person who has taken a taxi. He’s trying all the time to cheer up the taxi driver, to bring back faith in life and hope him. It also shows him what does humanity. This theme is often repeated in films. But just this not very well-known Director and actor team represents particularly convincing.

Black balloon

popular movies top movies movies Black Balloon

We conclude the list of top films with a deep psychological meaning with an Australian production. She won the prize of the Berlin Film Festival 2008 in one of the youth categories. It goes mainly to the youth themselves. Here, love, family obligations and attitude towards disabled people mingle.