Athleisure Style – Is This The Future Of Our Clothes In The Office?

Athleisure style – the multifunctional sports apparel

Knowledge is what style Athleisure? If not, then we have a simple explanation here for you: this is about so that you can have for example jogging pants to the Office. And that would be totally okay!

Whether that is soon or already somehow possible, is partly also to you.  Now, find out what style Athleisure is and learn more about his fashion rules. So what is it?

Althleisure is a high point in the always more comfortable fashion trends. The word itself is a combination of athletic and leisure wear. It means sporty casual wear. Are both important aspects in the term.

The combination of athletic and leisure wear

Athleisure style women's fashion classic sports sneakers office look like

Althleisure clothing

These clothes reminds strongly of the sporting. It is the same convenient, is adapted to Office work, but stylistically and in terms of other practical criteria.

Office work with leisure shoes? Why not?

Athleisure airmax sport style work

Adidas superstars with a smart suit

Athleisure style men's fashion work clothes suit sports shoes

Combinations in the Althleisure style

There are products that are sold specifically as Althleisure. You can also from usual sports and interesting combinations put together other pieces of clothing. You can attract black or solid color sneakers such as a trouser.  You can wear the boots with a dark sports trousers. These are just some of many such ideas.

The interesting combination: black pants and solid color sneakers

Athleisure style women's fashion sport shoes coat

Athleisure style women's fashion classic sports sneakers look like white

Why this trend?

Above all the health benefits speak highly of this trend. Directly and indirectly. Athletic clothing is much more convenient and we remain so simply healthier in everyday work. In addition we can move more easily thereby.  That just encouraged us immediately before and after the Office work to do.

The sportswear Athleisure style has a healthy psychological aspect: in modern times, we lack very recreational.  Through such clothing, we have the feeling to have won a little bit more of this for themselves.

Functionality, comfort and good design

Athleisure style men's fashion work clothes jogginghose sports shoes

Between desire and reality

In how far is such an Althleisure acceptable clothing in your Office?  It of course greatly depends on which idea there prevails. In any case, have been introduced certain dress codes in many businesses and companies.

There are certain rules that can save you unpleasant situations. Those are about the use of neutral colors. With these, you can more easily conceal the sporting aspect if necessary, or feature many experimental facilities.

Another proven method is putting on tried and tested brands. Special fashion lines have been developed in all price ranges, so far not great just fit into the Office atmosphere. What happens to the Athleisure style will show the future us!

The classics: black trousers and white converse shoes

Athleisure style women's fashion classic sports sneakers look like dark pants

Wear the boots with a dark sports trousers

Athleisure style women's fashion classic boots dark pants

Comforts and above all good looking fashion

Athleisure style men's fashion pants blue black

Comparison: Athleisure style and classic

Athleisure style captured in an image

Athleisure style men's fashion clothing office resized