Annual Horoscope 2017: The Happiness-making Colors Depending On The Zodiac

Year horoscope 2017: What colors will bring good luck to the different zodiac signs

It is trite but true – the beginning of every new year raised expectations for a better future in us. We use it as a opportunity to separate themselves from old ideas and patterns of behaviour, and to issue us new adventures and positive developments. The symbolism of colors plays a very important role in this context.

Learn what colors are to the development of a more positive life guide you according to astrologers in the next 12 months and help you.

We look at once, what colors are basically promoting for your zodiac sign and then we give you some concrete proposals from the list of the PANTONE of color Institute. The latter can serve then you as a starting point, if you choose your clothes, furniture, accessories, etc.

Zodiac sign Aries

aries horoscope 2017 strenzeichen

Zodiac sign Aries is governed by the planet Mars. Basically here is the Red of fundamental importance. To compensate, it should also tighten white, pink, blue and yellow. In the list of Pantone, there are a number of offers, which mix these shades in itself. Yellow would be for example the pale dogwood, hazelnut, and Primrose.

2017 – year horoscope Taurus zodiac sign

horoscope 2017 Taurus zodiac sign


The Bull is led from the planet of love, so by Venus. You have good luck with green, blue, turquoise, and soft pink.  According to astrologers, the latter color should be taken especially on Friday. So you move positive processes in your life. There are many modern colors of Pontone, with which you can make in the year 2017 for positive development. In the first place, which is the color of the year – greenery, but there are also island paradise, Niagara, kale and Lapis blue.

Zodiac sign Gemini

horoscope 2017 star sign twins

The twins are connected with the planet Mercury. How feel good in white, Pearl, silver, gold, light green. The last shading is useful on Wednesday. If you then wear them, she will bring wealth.

Among the PANTONE – colors were mainly the following matching: pale Darkwood, greenery, kale.

Annual horoscope 2017 – zodiac sign cancer

horoscope 2017 Zodiac cancer

The Moon is the representatives of the zodiac sign cancer. To achieve inner harmony, with beads, silver, light blue and emerald green.  The blue and green shades bring lots of energy and happiness at the beginning of the week. From the PANTONE color palette choose pale dogwood, island paradise, Niagara, kale and Lapis blue.

Zodiac sign Leo

horoscope leo 2017 strenzeichen

The Lions are derived and the typical of the Sun, of all preferred colors are red, yellow and orange. You can also benefit from the positive vibrations of the gold and white. From the PANTONE color palette Primrose the lion born would probably intuitively choose yellow, flame and pink Yarrow. To compensate, they can carry certainly something like pale dogwood and hazelnut.

Annual horoscope 2017 – zodiac sign Virgo

horoscope 2017 Zodiac Virgin

The virgins have luck with blue, peach, yellow and green. It is particularly important for the representatives of this sign to wear green on Wednesday. A range of PANTONE shades are very useful in this case. Positive examples are prime rose pale dogwood, hazelnut, yellow, greenery, pink Yarrow, kale.

Zodiac sign Libra

horoscope 2017 Zodiac scale

This zodiac sign is romantic and stylish. These properties have the balance born in large part thanks to the influence of Venus. Royal Blue, purple and pink are the most appropriate colors here. For more harmony, you should wear white and cream on Friday. Scales can so 2017 much turquoise, as well as Yerrow punk. Pale dogwood and hazelnut fits were especially for the Fridays.

2017 – year horoscope star sign Scorpio

horoscope 2017 zodiac sign Scorpion

Scorpion derives from Mars and all born under this zodiac sign have to wear more Brown, grey and black. For the Tuesdays were Burgundy and Red most appropriate. This ensures positivism. Hazelnut and flame are due new year 2017.

Sagittarius Zodiac

horoscope 2017 strenzeichen Lee

Shooters are guided by Jupiter.  Purple, Indigo, blue and bright red bring prosperity. On Tuesday, you should wear more yellow to stay alive. Matching colors from the PANTONE color palette for 2017 would be Primrose yellow, Lapis blue, and punk Yarrow.

Annual horoscope 2017 – zodiac sign Capricorn

horoscope 2017 strenzeichen Capricorn

Ibex will be managed by Saturn. Happiness is in the following colours: black, grey, purple, dark blue and earthy nuances. Appropriately, would be pale dogwood, hazelnut, kale and evl. Lapis blue.

Zodiac sign Aquarius

Aquarius horoscope 2017 strenzeichen

Eccentric green, dark blue shades and Royal purple Aquarius bring very good luck in life.  Blue and purple are mainly on Saturdays. You will ensure prosperity.  2017 the Aquarius born may attract colors that are inspired by Pan tone Niagara, greenery and Lapis blue.

2017 – year horoscope Zodiac fish

horoscope 2017 strenzeichen fish

Keep you happy throughout the year 2017, you should wear your colors like Amethyst, sea green and turquoise again. Light green shades are suitable for the Thursdays. You can choose from the PANTONE palette Prime rose yellow, greenery, kale and Lapis blue, and you can do nothing wrong!

Find your personal happiness 2017 and stay healthy!

2017 year horoscope horoscope 2017