These Are The Top 3 Travel Trends For 2018 – This Is What Luxury Holidays Look Like!

While many holidaymakers are heading back to the sunny south this summer, northern European destinations are becoming ever more important. The travel trends for 2018 include, according to the tour operators Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic Sea.

White beaches and dune landscapes on the Danish North Sea coast

The Danish North Sea coast is characterized by its endless beaches and dunes. Between the city of Skagen in northern Denmark and the Wadden Sea National Park at the southern tip of the country, holiday makers can discover picturesque villages, interesting towns and unspoiled nature. The village of Blokhus on Jammerbucht, which is not far from the surfing paradise Klitmöller, has wide sandy beaches.

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North Sea Travel Trends 2018 travel destinations

To the south is Thy National Park in the region of North Jutland. The course of the Danish North Sea coast is characterized by numerous fjords. Families with children can enjoy the Limfjord, Nissum Fjord and Ringkoebing Fjord. In these places the water is much calmer than on the open North Sea. Popular holiday areas such as Blavand and Vejers Strand are located on Denmark’s southern North Sea coast. The Ho Bay at Blavand is one of the most pristine areas in the country and represents the northern end of the National Parks Wadden Sea In the vicinity of the national park, the towns of Esbjerg and Ribe are located on the mainland.

Öland travel trends 2018 holiday destinations

Öland – the versatile Swedish island

One of the most beautiful areas in Sweden is the Island Öland which is easily accessible via the Öland Bridge. The second largest Swedish island is located in the Baltic Sea east of the city of Småland. Öland is an ideal destination for couples, families and solo travelers, as the eclectic island has something to offer to every vacationer. It has miles of child-friendly sandy beaches, beautiful nature and an extensive leisure, entertainment and sports facilities. On the island is located with Castle Solliden also the summer residence of the Swedish royal family, which spends a few days in July every summer in the castle.

For an individual stay many holidaymakers like to rent a comfortable holiday home. Luxury holiday homes with exclusive amenities, generous space, swimming pool or whirlpool has the Provider luxury holiday house , which specializes in the rental of high quality summer houses for up to 24 people, in the program. Most luxury hotels in Denmark, Sweden and the German Baltic Sea are equipped with activities such as table tennis, billiards, table football, air hockey, darts and Playstation.

A popular destination for the whole family is Borgholm Castle. In the imposing castle ruin, numerous activities for children are offered in the months between June and August. Worth seeing is the archaeological site Gettlinge Grabfeld and the gigantic calcareous plateau ‘Stora Alvaret’, which was included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites due to its prehistoric finds and its unique biodiversity.

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Baltic Sea holidays in Olpenitz

On the German Baltic Sea coast is Olpenitz, a district of the idyllic port city Kappeln on the loop Country doctor known. Kappeln is located directly on the Schlei and is framed by a gentle hilly landscape. The proximity to the Baltic Sea creates ideal conditions for a relaxing holiday. Olpenitz and Kappeln offer many activities on land and water. Kappeln has a charming harbor, a pedestrian area with many shops and several attractions. Cozy cafés and restaurants offer local and international cuisine, ensuring a relaxing stay.

The well-kept Baltic Sea beach consists of small-grained almost white sand and is characterized by the high bathing water quality. Water sports enthusiasts will find a surf school and boat rental at the mouth of the Schleim. The nature park Schlei is a unique cultural landscape with a charming environment. Anglers can go fishing for cod and cod in spring and autumn. In strong easterly bites in the summer and eels. In the region Kappeln sea, surf fishing and freshwater fishing is possible.

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