The Schultaschen: The Right Criteria To Look Out For!

With the start of the new school year, you should buy everything you need for the school year for schoolchildren. The shopping list is long and very probably also a school bag among the written things. The selection of such bags is huge. How to choose the right schoolbag for your child and which safety and quality features you should look out for, we will tell you in this article.

The selection of a suitable school bag for your child is essential. This has nothing to do with the fashion and trends among the students, but with the health and physical development of your child. During low classes, the child should wear special satchel models that do not harm his / her body posture. The unsuitable models can lead to spinal curvatures, poor blood circulation, and odd body positions.

The right size of school bags

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The size is important

The school bags for toddlers should be selected in their presence. In this way, you will be quite sure that the satchel is appropriate to your child’s body. Make sure that the satchel covers the entire back – from the shoulder line to the waist.

Hanging to the cross should be avoided, as this can have a negative effect on the body and the development of the lower limbs.

The school bags must not be too heavy

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Pay attention to the weight

Look for a light schoolbag. The many books and notebooks that your child has to carry to school are difficult. The total weight of the full shoulder bag should not exceed 12% of your child’s body weight. Otherwise, the vertebrate is stressed too much and distortions can occur. A good alternative for the first or second grader would be a school bag with wheels.

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The model

For the small pupils, a school bag with two straps is compulsory. The models for repositioning can not evenly distribute the weight and at an early age can cause these distortions. Ensure that the shoulder straps are adjustable. The straps that are too tight can cause problems with the blood circulation.

Always look for a satchel with a tightly padded backrest. The materials should be tear, abrasion and water resistant, so that the school bag can exceed the load of the school day over an extended period of time. The reflective strips and the fluorescent signal surfaces are an important criterion.

The shoes should be divided well

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Proper wearing the school bag

After the school bag is full with all school supplies, make sure how it is worn by your child. If you notice that the student bends slightly forward, this means that the satchel is too full and heavy. The correct division of the books and notebooks is also important for the same weight. The heavy books should be placed close to the back, and then come the lighter notebooks.

Of course, the schoolbag should also appeal to the pupil visually, because after all, he has to carry it with him every day. So the choice of desire motives you prefer to leave your child.

The school bag should be gentle on the child’s back

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The heavy schoolbag must not be worn by the child for more than 30 minutes

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Let your child choose the color and patterns themselves

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The schoolbag with wheels is a good choice for the first year

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This school bag is more suitable for teenagers

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Look for a sack with a tightly padded back

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Pre-bodied posture is a sign of a heavy school bag

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The schoolbag with several compartments ensures a better order book

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This model can be worn in two versions

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