Pantone Colors: Ultra Violet As Trend Color For 2018!

Also this year, the American color institute Pantone the trend color for next year named. Among the Pantone colors is a deep and intense shade of Violet, called Ultra Violet, chosen as the color of the year 2018.

The institute selects one color each year since 2000. The selected color is directly related to trends in fashion, beauty and interior design.

A trendy Pantone color for 2018

pantone colors trend colors 2018

Pantone colors: The symbolism of the Ultra Violet – the color of the year 2018

Like every year, Pantone Institute explains the hidden symbolism that the experts found and put in trend color. The Ultra Violet was called the dramatic and provocative nuance of the violet. The trend color 2018 radiates originality, ingenuity and vision of the future.

Pantone Vice President Lori Pressman said: We live in complicated times. We see how the fear in everyday life is constantly increasing and how people react to it. The hidden meaning of this color has nothing to do with politics, trying to show others that people can live without restrictions. This color is an intricate combination of passionate red-violet and intense indigo-purple nuance.

The Ultra Violet feeds more on the blue nuances than on the red and this gives it a definite royality. This is the color of optimism, a color that breathes power. The Ultra Violet should help to find inner peace and quiet.

A hit in the fashion industry

trend color 2018 pantone colors beauty tips

How should we wear the Ultra Violet?

This color is very popular in the fashion collections for next year. But she will powerfully conquer the world of beauty and especially dominant she will appear on nails, eyelids and lips. In these places, the Ultra Violet will provide drama, but without giving aggressive touch. In fashion, this color can be combined very well with black. In addition, according to Lori Pressman, the ultraviolet color in today’s multicultural world is good for any skin color.

We try to show you the Pantone Color of the year 2018 in some pictures and to cheer you up to use the trendy Ultra Violet in your wardrobe and styling.

A meaningful color for the interior

decoration living room colors pantone colors 2018

The Pantone color”Ultra Violet”on the lips will be an absolute hit in 2018

lipstick colors pantone colors beauty trends

Be dressed trendy next year

ladies suit pantone colors trend color 2018

The upholstered furniture for the dining room in Ultra Violet look very classy

dining room set up pantone colors 2018

Pantone Colors: An attractive and beautiful color combination

color combinations pantone colors trend color 2018

Choose Pantone color 2018 as wall color

pantone colors wall colors ideas furnishing ideas

Even men, this color is excellent

men's shirt pantone colors trend colors

Combine the Ultra Violet with black

fashion trends ladies pantone colors

Pantone Colors: Make for a majestic sight

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Choose this Pantone color for your wedding decor

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Be one of the first to miss a trendy hair color

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Sleep, as in the kingdom

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Pantone colors: beauty tips for every woman

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With this hair color, you are guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention

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Create more drama

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Break through the monochrome decor with Pantone colors

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