Is Navy Blue The New Black? Decide On The Following Examples!

If you are interested in color trends in design and fashion, this year has already come across the following message several times:”Navy blue is the new black”. Is it true? Let us look at some examples and critically question this assumption.

What does Black have in common?

Let us begin with an analysis of the black color. What is she doing So classic and unique ? What is the requirement of navy blue or a different color in order to replace it?

graphic And conspicuous, black always has a timeless appeal. It can be wonderfully integrated into both traditional and modern designs. This color emphasizes the forms to which it is attached. Therefore, act pieces are often executed in black. With black, of course, you create wonderful contrasts to the bright shades. In addition, you intensify the impression of some other rich colors, such as green and red.

We have chosen a few models in which these effects were also achieved with navy blue.

Marine blue kitchen island modern kitchen facility

A kitchen island

In this picture we see a dark blue kitchen island with a bright white work surface. It also creates a contrast to the rest of the rest. You can also achieve a similar effect with black. But here everything is more original and modern.

Kitchen marine blue and white

Ceiling and accents on the furniture navy blue

Fronts and other accents

Similar to the kitchen island shown above, a lively contrast has been achieved in the next two examples with the aid of navy blue. Also very comfortable and modern.

Marineblue chairs and decorative elements on the carpet

Armchairs and decorative cushions

In this model we see a traditional and simple living room setting, in which the very bright pastel nuances dominate. The whole thing is accentuated by blue and red accents. The color palette is unified by the carpet. The blue armchair and the decorative cushions introduce one of the two dominant accent colors. At the same time, they give the space certain seriousness and balance.

Back wall glossy tiles

Kitchen backdrop with tiles in navy blue

The two designers Colin Blanchard and Kenneth McRobbie have decided in this kitchen for a kitchen backdrop in navy blue. The aesthetics are enriched by the glossy surface and the mirror effect. In this case, Navy Blue is a very safe choice – on the one hand it is very striking, but at the same time it is stylish and modern.

Graphic tiles in the bathroom

Graphically and striking, so are the tiles in this bathroom. Black would be an ideal shade for the border. Here we see, however, that blue also plays this role marvelously.

The same can be said of the other bath-rooms, which show wide nautical stripes.

Navy blue residential landscape transparent furniture

Living area in living room

A complete residential landscape in navy blue is combined here with white and transparent furniture. The atmosphere is at the same time lively and very comfortable. However, navy blue in this case is a small danger: through such rich colors, the space could look too narrow. That is why the combination with the bright and translucent furniture is so successful.

Maritime blue

Bearing in navy blue

The navy-blue concrete frames bring the potential of the different beige shades to a great extent in this room. A better effect can be imagined with hardly any other dark saturated color.

Accent wall stairs navy blue
Classic navy blue bedroom

accent walls

In the next two models we see great accent walls in navy blue. They illustrate the varied potential of this color. In the first room, this is quite modern and in the other, it emphasizes the classical charisma of the bedroom.

Home office navy blue

Blue for the home office

Navy blue is one of these colors that is most associated with intellectuality, contemplation, and restraint. For many jobs it would be the ideal background. That would be a perfect shading for your home office.

Artworks in navy blue

Would you like to enrich an interior with works of art? With black and in our case – with navy blue, you can make sure this looks sophisticated and stylish.

Garden design navy blue modern

Navy blue for outdoor use

The last example shows us that navy blue is a very universal color. There is hardly an outdoor area – whether it is a balcony, a terrace or a garden, in which this shade would not ideally be registered.

This is a natural color which at the same time gives a very homely character to everything.