Balcony Furniture For The Setting Up Of An Indoor Outdoor Area

Balcony furniture for the setting up of an indoor outdoor

How to find the entertainment on your balcony? Like all of us, I mean also. If you like outdoor talk, the transition to the outdoor area of great importance for you is certainly.

Sometimes you have but absolutely no space for an extra door or an additional window. Or at least you can not do it without having to build in some valuable kitchen cabinets or shelves.

If you have to deal with this dilemma and you are happy enough to have a window which looks to your entertainment area, then you should consider the establishment of a service area on the border consider necessarily. You cannot present this wonderful drinks and food, children for snacks place and fast clearing quite allows what is very important -.

The granite work surface here is a seamless extension of the kitchen towards the terrace. It has a station, which invites them to move inside for a snack or meal in the result. The warm wood shades of the plate here fit perfectly with the warm shades of the wood trim here.

The granite work surface here is a seamless extension of the kitchen terrace

balcony furniture indoor outdoor wood balcony sink

Although the room generous feels, the window is small enough, so that a simple folding solution is totally sufficient. To secure the window, the architect and the builders have pierced discreet holes in the granite. So you made sure the window, if this is to.

The combination of arches helps very much in to isolate the area.

This simple and practical Bar starts immediately with the lower part of the window. It is the perfect solution for a House of the 1950s I think. The same simple chairs, which were installed at the counter are sturdy and practical and yet still small enough to be tucked under the covers.

The perfect solution for a House from the 50’s

balcony furniture indoor outdoor bar balcony stool window

The weathered notes of exterior of this House interact beautifully with the Außenvertäferlung of the House and of the concrete surface inside. Suitable brackets under the eaves and the bar help to make the look consistent. Even the trim to the window of accordion writes very well.

Both – the external and internal surfaces have been designed to appear as flush. The rail of the ornamental harmonica window has been reset. They were positioned below the level of the kitchen work surface and so she not across the movement.

The external and internal surfaces have been designed to appear as possible flush

balcony furniture indoor outdoor Holzhocher balcony bar window

It has a covered terrace and wide swath on the Windows here. You have many options for the design of the bar. In this case, there are the window side of the sink and not to the length of this. So you can look into the kitchen and do not immediately see the dirty dishes.

You have many options for the design of the bar

You can position the counters side and so people sitting away from the flow of movement. You need not a lot of space to achieve a counter effect. This small bar all makes it easy for the chips, the sauce and the drinks to reach. It’s the people here after a long day on the surf certainly much to help. Although we have to do with a small area, but this is perfectly sufficient for relaxation. Also, they will keep people coming back from the beach out there and thus avoid dragging into sand.

You need not a lot of space to achieve a counter effect

balcony furniture indoor outdoor wood small balcony window sill

Most racks are provided with accordion – and folding Windows. In this case it does not yet have sufficient space. But the standards work window with both wings very well. In all three cases, you have the advantage that it will seriously go unnoticed and find none on the basis of seeing over, however.

The typical Windows with both wings work well

balcony furniture indoor outdoor wood balcony wood bar stool window

The Casement Windows are another wonderful option for small openings. For security reasons, you should decide is best for one which opens completely and their wing like this you can be on the wall.

In the penultimate image of the article we see something completely different. We have to do here with a garage-style Windows. It fully opens to the outside, get one out of the way and it serves as a conversation piece. It works particularly well with wide openings, including wing and double glazing not good fit.

Garage style Windows

balcony furniture indoor outdoor wood balcony rattan stool

The rounded design ensures a rounded surface and the soft edges reduce the risk of injury. The uniform appearing plate actually consists of two pieces. The thin layer of silicone avoids the transfer of absorbed refrigerant in the Interior.

It offers a solution for people who have the opportunity to open the entire wall! Why because not really?

You have the option to open the entire wall?

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