Watercolor Tattoo: The Colorful Trend Among The Tattoos

Someone should have said:”The good tattoo artist is an artist! It translates even the smallest detail of every image onto the skin without problems. The body is its canvas.”

The truth is, there are many tattooists, but few of them are absolute geniuses in what they do. But those who are such do not cease to astonish and inspire us with inventions and the introduction of new trends. One such trend that conquers the tattoos is the Watercolor Tattoo. We want to present 60 creative and inspiring tattoo ideas to you today.

A creative and inspiring watercolor tattoo idea

shoulder tattoo with watercolors

An art full of pastel tones

oozed watercolor tattoo ideas

Watercolor / Watercolor Tattoos – Watercolors on the body

Exceptionally delicate, without rough contours and full pastel tones, these tattoos prevail over all tattoos known to us so far. The special feature of the watercolor technique is that the artist (tattoo artist) has to be very skilled with the lancing machine and the colors to achieve this effect of color. A tattoo effect, as painted with the brush.

A topic often discussed

Frequently, the durability of the tattoos is discussed and challenged. There is no difference to the usual tattoos. The tattoo color for this is identical to that of the otherwise also used. Therefore the water color tattoos fade just as little or much as the others. One must never assume the name”watercolors”, because this refers only to the style and appearance of the motifs. Of course, the tattoos fade with time, but with the right tattoo one can care for their beautiful appearance for several years.

Original tattoo motifs with ample colors

wrist tattoo with watercolors


Regarding the motifs, one can give free rein to its creativity. From the sketched and colorful animal motifs to the delicate flowers everything is possible. Also the classical motifs , such as an anchor for example, can be beautified and spiced up by the watercolor look. The colors of this kind of tattoos make it possible, because these are rather brighter and almost transparent, so they remain subtle in the background and do not cover anything.

Now we have plenty of tattoo ideas in pictures for you to convince you of this art. However, if you want to have such a tattoo, we advise you to choose a tattoo artist who already has good experience with watercolor technique. We would like to wish you a lot of fun.

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