Tattoo Ideas: The Hidden Symbolism Of The Most Popular Tattoos

The tattoo is a representation that remains a lifetime on the body. Therefore, choosing the right subject in advance is very important. Except for individuality, the tattoo motif should carry a symbolism that best reflects the personality of its wearer.

In the tattoo scene, there are many motifs that have a relatively fixed meaning and are a preferred choice for stinging worldwide. And this is exactly what we want to dedicate to today’s article and thereby also give you plenty of new tattoo ideas.

Tattoo ideas and the most tattooed motifs

colorful tattoo ideas

The tattoos and the personalities

The reasons for getting a tattoo are many. Some want to express their individuality and others just do it for fashion reasons. The tattoos can strengthen and protect their wearer, recall desires, events or fears of life or symbolize a loved one.

Through the different tattoo styles today favorite film motifs, whole life stories or filigree logos can be brought to the skin. Furthermore, the new trends, like the Watercolor tattoos make every motif look even more beautiful and original. But ultimately, every wearer of his tattoo has a personal background story and meaning.

A passionate rose for ladies

Women's tattoos full of symbolism

Famous tattoo ideas and their symbolism

Rose Tattoo – The red rose still stands for passion and love. When the rose blooms, it symbolizes strong and lasting love. The bud, on the other hand, is a sign of new love that must first blossom. The thorns of a rose symbolize that love can be painful and you have to be careful with it. Furthermore, every rose color has its own meaning: red stands for passion, pink for youth and beauty, yellow symbolizes friendship and joy, white – innocence, loyalty and purity.

Butterfly tattoo – This motif symbolizes rebirth and metamorphosis.

angel wings – A symbol of protection, also stands for hope. Many people also tattoo their wings as a memory of a deceased person.

Feather tattoo – A desire for freedom, a carefree life, but it can also stand for the creative nature of its wearer.

Mandala tattoo ideas for man and woman

mandala tattoo for men

Mandala Designs – These tattoos are gaining more and more popularity. Mandala is a ritual and spiritual symbol of Indian religion. This is to protect against misfortune and provide positive energy in life.

Key Tattoo – In the Middle Ages, the key was a symbol of power. Today it has more of an individual meaning – the key to the partner’s heart or the key to making our wishes come true.

swallow – How many Bird motifs The swallow also stands for freedom. But the swallow is synonymous for the kinship and is also a symbol of the family.

The fish motif stands for health and happiness

Interesting: Since the individual tattoo motives come in part from different cultures or continents, it may be that certain motives are not given exactly the same meaning in the different countries.

There are also other coveted motifs and tattoo ideas, which we show below in our picture gallery. But the real meaning of the thing is that you can discover your own meaning in the tattoo and recognize yourself in it. We wish you lots of fun while scrolling down.

A personal life story tattooed on the back

The anchor is a favorite motif for women and men

anchor tattoos for women

The rose still stands for passion and love

famous tattoo motifs

Flowers stand for youthfulness, beauty and femininity

Flower tattoo in watercolor technique

Make your own priorities stand out

finger tattoo ideas for women
interesting tattoo motifs and tattoo ideas

Many bird motifs symbolize freedom

Ultimately, every wearer of his tattoo has a personal meaning

beautiful arm tattoo ideas for ladies

The tattoos can strengthen and protect their wearer

mandala eye tattoo ideas
Peacock as a shoulder tattoo idea
original tattoo ideas and motifs
hourglass as tattoo ideas
Butterfly as a foot tattoo
Swallow tattoo on the wrist
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tattoo ideas for the arm
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Infinity symbol as a wrist tattoo
underarm tattoos for women
poor tattoo for women
Meaningful cool tattoo ideas
brother tattoo ideas
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cool tattoo ideas for women
cool back tattoos for women
The hidden symbolism, the most popular tattoos
full arm tattoo for men
compass tattoo for shoulder
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