Partner Tattoos – 53 Inspiring Ideas!

“Love exists in so many languages ​​and it is understood all over the world.”- Seibold, Klaus

The partnership is something beautiful and reciprocal. Many couples show the whole world through partner tattoos that they belong together and love each other. The hands are the most preferred body positions, where the lovers show their deep feelings through a tattoo and perpetuate.

Our present article is exactly suitable for couples who want to prove their love through a tattoo. Here you will see very stylish and creative partner tattoos, which will help you to find inspiration for your own motif.

Love symbols as partner tattoos

tattoo motive for couples

Some ideas and their symbolism

key and lock – A heart-shaped lock on the woman’s forearm and a key on the man’s arm are some of the most popular romantic tattoo motifs at all. These symbolize a perfect love and that the couple does not hide their feelings. The key to the heart of the lady belongs to this man.

“Love lends wings” – It is said that if one feels strong feelings for someone, one feels as in the seventh heaven. The tattoos with wings are a beautiful and meaningful way to express not only the love to each other, but also the constant movement. The wings also symbolize the fact that the two lovers support each other on the same side and the one can not fly without the other. They are a constant reminder of their ability to be a premonition of the fears and any obstacles that can affect them and which will overcome the two together.

Anchor Tattoo – The anchor symbolizes that you have found the partner for life. You want to be anchored with him forever. This motif also stands for protection and support, love and loyalty.

Find the right motif for you

Great partner tattoos ideas

More great and creative tattoo motifs

From the very smallest tattoos to the Ringfinger to the whole body tattoos, you can nowadays find something to suit every taste. Important in the selection of the tattoo motif is only what you really want to express with it and that this reflects your personalities.

Scroll down our pictures. You might find the right partner tattoo for yourself or even better, you will be inspired to create your own motif.

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