52 Bird Tattoo Ideas For The First Or Next Tattoo

The tattoos have become a global trend and a large part of popular culture. Today they are accepted by the majority of people and therefore new ideas, tendencies, color combinations and inspirational motifs are very much in demand.

The beautiful bird tattoos to which we will now turn our attention are full of symbolism. Depending on the aspect, these tattoos symbolize freedom, hope and love. And if you want to tattoo exactly these symbols on your body, you are exactly right with us. The following ideas of bird tattoos are very stylish and fit for man and woman.

A beautiful tattoo that is not always visible

Colored bird tattoo on the back

The matching body for the bird tattoo and various combinations

The body positions for this tattoo can vary depending on tattoo size and visibility. The back is the largest and often hidden”canvas”for tattoos. The ink drawings on the back are really worth seeing, but few can see them.

The combination of birds and feathers embodies hope and freedom. The combination with flowers symbolizes femininity, tenderness and vulnerability.

Properly selected, the tattoos can fully reflect the style and overall image of the owner. But to achieve this effect, one needs firstly good idea and secondly an experienced and good tattoo artist.

Bird tattoo full of symbols

Phönix tattoo for the forearm

The personalities and the bird species

Each bird as a tattoo has its own meaning. The eagle is often chosen by strong characters, since it is a symbol of strength after the Indians. The mystical phoenix bird, which burns in the fire and resumes from its ashes, is also often chosen by people with leadership qualities. The owl fits more to mysterious and intelligent persons who appreciate the wisdom. The seagulls are for those who are self-assured and can safely face the problems. The peacock, with its magnificent feathers, is very suitable for people with noble character, pure spirit and a lot of patience.

Small bird tattoo ideas

Little bird tattoos on the shoulder

As the beginning, it is always better to get up A small tattoo To make. After a while, if you feel good about it, you can take the next step with a bigger one. The little bird tattoos are suitable for the beginning as well as for a further tattoo. They vary in different sizes – from the very small crumb lines to complicated drawings in large format with many springs.

Use the following pictures as inspiration.

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