Rent Office Space: Valuable Tips For The Best Choice!

Are you a large or small business, start-up or newcomers, the search for suitable office real estate can be a bit difficult and time consuming. The choice of office space should be well considered and made with great care a decision. There are a few key criteria, such as location, size, equipment and costs, to consider in order to be profitable at the job. Today, we would like to take a closer look at this, to help you with renting office space a bit. Create a checklist with all relevant aspects and follow it up.

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Rent office space: The location is of great importance

One of the most important selection criteria when renting office space is the location. After all, both potential customers and employees should be able to reach the office quickly and easily. So there should be good access to public transport and ample parking. However, city-related offices are significantly more expensive than those in outlying districts and industrial areas. Therefore, you should weigh what is more profitable in your case. For example, if you do not have direct customer service, it may be worthwhile to rent an office in the outskirts. In our research, we came across an online property search that combines a lot of things, e.g. Rent Offices and help you with the search.

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The perfect size

For a healthy, efficient and safe working environment, a sufficiently large office property should be chosen. The size of the premises should be in relation to the number of employees. There you should have freedom of movement and be able to change the posture, because after all, you spend a lot of working time in the office. There is a simple rule to calculate the minimum space requirement: offices with 1 to 2 workplaces should be at least 8 square meters per employee. Group offices with 3 or more workplaces at least 10 square meters of space per employee. Depending on the number of employees and industry of the company, the need for ancillary rooms, such as kitchen, server and meeting rooms. Furthermore, the paths to doors and windows should be accessible without hindrance.

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When it comes to office equipment, you should make sure that you have a good technical infrastructure first and foremost: If there is a problem-free and high-performance telephone and Internet connection, there is good mobile phone connectivity and there are enough outlets in all rooms. Also should the equipment modern, be energy efficient and functional. As for the side rooms and sanitary areas, they should always be well maintained and impeccable. Pay attention to the consumption values ​​in the object description. For example, There is a good insulation of the walls and a modern heating technology available.

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See the costs

Depending on the size, location and equipment, the rental costs vary enormously. When renting the additional costs for water, electricity, communication and heating in advance to be calculated. Also very important are the business taxes. Since the rates vary from city to city, you should inform yourself about these exactly. Calculate also the tax costs to the remaining costs in order to have the exact expenditures in view.

These are, by and large, the aspects you should consider when selecting your office. Furthermore, you should read the commercial lease exactly and pay attention to the individually defined agreements, such as additional costs, minimum contract period and notice period.

We wish you good luck in your office rental and a successful activity!

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