Cable Hide – Creative Ways Clutter To Prevent

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Cable hide and tame clutter on the desk

In today’s times of smartphones, Tablet PC, laptops, and especially of the wireless Internet, one is still a problem: the clutter under or on the desktop. Although most devices without cable work, they need one yet, so they can be charged. If you also have a desktop PC instead of a laptop, has to fight with more cables – screen, mouse, keyboard, external hard drives, webcam and microphone to be connected. Mouse and keyboard do not exist while also wirelessly, the remaining accessories however. The result is a relatively large cables under or on the table, which upsets the tidy atmosphere of working room. Cable ducts in the floor, where they disappear are often in offices – this installation is but often too expensive for the local room. There are also far more creative options with which you cables loose around can disappear.

A cable clutter is inevitable under the desk, if the guide is not properly plannedcable hide clutter in the workplace

Check cable lengths – a shorter variant is possible?

To meet, is a good start to the clutter that optimize the cable lengths. This should be not just trimmed a little – in this case, the cable would be broken. It is rather to check whether the cable from the monitor to the wall socket two metres long must really be, or if also a meter is high enough. The same applies to the remaining connections – here, the cables are shorter, less cable clutter is to eliminate it. You can find out just what cable lengths there with the Cable Configurator replacement This is done, you face the challenge, best placed to hide the cables, they are not together there can get tangled. Also the heat must be observed which can be emitted by socket plugs. It is therefore advisable that you find a storage type that is fairly well ventilated.

Neat cable weggeführte away from the socket – this is possible only with cable channels or holder

cable hiding power strip practical decoration ideas

A box for the cables page, the author presents a good variant as the clutter is to solve: the sockets and the cables disappear into a box which is placed on the desktop. From this the cable feed ordered, needed. The downside here is that you must reach into in the box to connect a cable or to withdraw but – this can be annoying in the long term. A better way is probably to set the always use cables in a narrow and elongated box between the sockets and the PC or laptop. Something like as here described, only the one toilet paper roll probably will not be enough. No matter what box you choose, you are certainly free to paint or cover to increase the character of the decoration. This box can not only help to arrange the cable clutter, but are also a beautiful accessories for the workroom.

Cable holder against the cable node

There is the possibility to sort the cable with the cable holders. So get while no new decoration in your room, but you can significantly prevent the clutter: keep the cables always in place. As a result the workplace looks neat, which is Yes the actual point of action. If the cables ever hidden under or behind the desk, this approach is usually enough.

The lines are using cable holders to properly sort – or as artwork on the wall

hide cable cable holder creative DIY ideas

Make a work of art from the cables

Granted, for this you need rather too long cables as the short, which can be neatly stowed. However, you have the opportunity to bring a work of art on its own wall – free according to the motto with the connections: what can we not hide, as well as possible will be presented. Using cable clips, which take the form of leaflets, the cables can be attached to the wall. Under it is described how this mural can be created. However, you should note that this relative is expensive. Replacement of the cable is not just possible – thereby zudem7 the picture on the wall would be destroyed. In this only lines can be used, set used in the room – usually only the connections for monitor, printer, microphone, and webcam. You should consider well in advance, if this effort is worth the few cable especially as another solution must be found for the rest.


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