A Cool Office For FINE Design Group Of Boora Architects

cool Office couch red swing Desk ChairA cool Office

Last weeks we have looked at the stunning design of Google campus in Dublin. The Office of FINE design group might be not as generous as the European headquarters of Google, but it has plenty of style and panache. With the elegant design of Boora architects is the stylish Office in Portland, Oregon, a balanced combination of a modern office space and loose House interiors. An ergonomic kitchen, a nice lounge and colorful seating accentuate the work stations in an airy and spacious facility.

A stylish Office with the elegant design of Boora architects

cool white Office desk chair

Steel of view of, concrete and glass form the well lit interiors. In the middle of open stand desks, to promote communication between employees. These workstations are only one of the possibilities for Exchange of ideas.

The bookcase made of wood is great decorated

cool Office stool desk couch

The wall surfaces on which you can write, make a nonofficial storyboard, where the next big idea can be developed from every corner of the Office. In the majority is the Office decorated in neutral tones, fresh yellow accents and decorations bring elegance.

The couches encourage communication between employees

cool Office yellow couch table

The Nice Bookshelf, the compact kitchen with great lighting and the chic social licking are combined for a non-formal appeal of the Office. There is even a nice pool table, where the staff can relax after a long day of work.

An ergonomic kitchen ensures the well-being of workers

cool Office yellow stools kitchen island chandelier

So, this Office in Portland is a great mix of loose and corporate style.

cool Office Chair table kitchen island in the majority is the Office decorated in neutral tones, fresh yellow accents and decorations bring elegancefancy social licking gives the Office charm cool Office table Chair cool Office pool table chandeliercool Office couch candlestick shelves desk cool Office glass wall Desk Chaircool Office desk chair computer

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