You Celebrate Craft – Pinata According To An Ancient Chinese Tradition

pinata craft flowers Roses pink candy full

Mexican pinata craft – you actually know where this tradition comes?

Do you know what is a pinata ?

That is a vessel full of candy and other snacks, toys or fruits such as tangerines and etc. A pinata consists usually of cardboard mesh and is colorful and festive decorated. Their purpose is to serve, so breaking them with bound eyes at a ceremony. Actually, this custom originates from China, and was brought to Europe in the 14th century and later to South America. Today it connects the pinata with Mexico, where the tradition is still alive.

Here we have collected some interesting examples for you. Take a look and find how you can make a fun pinata .

Pinata craft – Watermelon pinata do it yourself

pinata craft watermelon candy full

Angry birds-pinata craft. See all steps

pinata craft Angry birds candy full

Make a colorful Papiertier pinata myself making dog colorful candy full

A large Coffee cup pinata, waiting to be broken

pinata itself make Teacup pink loop candy full

Wedding pinata

pinata myself making star colorful Hochzeitspinata candy full

The mustache is a very popular motif

pinata itself make mustache candy full

Turn a paper bag into a pinata

pinata myself making paper bag candy full

Children love ice cream

pinata craft paper ice large candy full

So you make below this pinata

pinata craft number one digit candy full

Mini mouse pinata

pinata craft mini mouse candy full

Pinata in the form of a wedding cake

pinata craft cake cake candy full

A fun pink Flamingo pinata pinata myself making Flamingo Pink candy full

Pencil pinata for all small students pinata craft pencil candy full

Give your creativity free rein!

pinata craft Beehive candy full