The Most Beautiful Ideas For Birthday Gifts For The Do It Yourself

birthday gifts themselves make birthday collage

Creative giving: make birthday presents itself

It must be the expensive wine or a new high-quality shirt birthday every year. If you times want to give something special to the day your partner, family or your best friend, be creative and make easy your birthday present itself! It’s not so hard, often cheaper, and above all much more personal. A homemade bookmarks, photo album with great memories or their own recipe box are provided with security not only in the corner, but particularly appreciated! Here is real joy.

The Online magazine of the birthday invitation paradise presents many great DIY gift ideas birthday. Our two favorites are:

Birthday gifts themselves make birthday photo collage of vacation photos

The photo memory is a homemade birthday gift with a very personal touch. (Photo: lulu / dollar photo Club)
Creative birthday present do it yourself: the photo memory

If you have ever made a great trip with your boyfriend or your girlfriend, this is the ultimate DIY gift for him or her. Certainly, you have great photos from the joint trip and everyone is pleased about such holiday images. But is the icing, if you pack the photos not album as a parlor game: tinker just an individual photo memory. Print out the most beautiful photographs in duplicate, cut them in the same squares and glue the images on beautiful cardboard. A memorable gift that can be tested immediately at the birthday party. Tip for social media fans: Instagram images work particularly well with their square format and fine filters.

birthday gifts themselves make birthday pictures collage DIY

Images from the common vacation especially well suited for the photo memory to do it yourself. (Photo: Paulista / dollar photo Club)
The exciting gift for the do it yourself: Recipe box

This DIY idea is a treat for all budding chefs. The birthday child will be happy in the kitchen, already all kinds of cookbooks are available with security. But how about when you make happy your boyfriend or girlfriend with a pretty collection of own recipes? Make the recipe box like a filing cabinet – for example with a rustic wooden box and individual cards from paper. Label the card with appetising headlines about “warm oven tomato à la Caprese” or add “Fiery Chilli con Carne with cheese cover”, lists of ingredients and a scarce cooking instructions. You must write not infinitely many cards: a selection of 10 favorite recipes here perfectly sufficient and makes each recipe to something special!

birthday gifts themselves make birthday Valentine's day gifts

A cute packaged recipe box is the best DIY gift for budding chefs! (Photo: windu / dollar photo Club)

How to make yourself even more gifts, learn in the Online magazine of the birthday invitation paradise! Here you will find ideas for creative gift packaging and all kinds of tips about the birthday theme. In addition, presented the most beautiful celebration locations in Germany and presents new slogan ideas for the birthday party in your own four walls.

We wish you much fun with the birthday gifts do it yourself, gift-giving and celebration!

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