The Legendary Oktoberfest 2013

legendary Oktoberfest Germany beer costumeThe legendary Oktoberfest

Late summer and autumn invite just the boisterous celebrations outdoors. Millions of visitors are entering Germany in the next few days, because this is where the legendary Oktoberfest begins! The popularity of the Munich Beer Festival is now so large, and the number of visitors with around six million guests per year so gigantic that it celebrates the “Oktoberfest” for years in other cities in the early autumn. For example, in Berlin. In Dachau, the Dachau fair is celebrated in Stuttgart the Cannstatter folk festival and in Mainz the night of San Juan in Mainz. Young and old meet on these traditional festivals in whole Germany, to enjoy life together. At the Oktoberfest much is told, laughed together and of course drinking: beer or wine, depending on the region.

Young and old meet on this traditional folk festival in all over Germany

legendary Oktoberfest Germany beer decoration drink

Folk Festival in Dachau

Always in August, it celebrates the Dachau fair in Dachau for over 350 years. The unique atmosphere attracts visitors in the city on the Ludwig-Thoma-Wiese every year up to 300 000. The guests arrive from throughout Upper Bavaria and Swabia, if here is tapped in Dachau.

Much beer is typical for the Oktoberfest

legendary Oktoberfest Germany beer drinking boys

Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart

Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart need not to fear the comparison with the October Festival. After all, it’s the biggest Showmen Festival in Europe. The number of rides with traditional Ferris wheel and Whirligig is accordingly lush. This year, all over Stuttgart in party mood is from September 27 until October 13.

Visit this traditional festival

legendary Oktoberfest Germany beer giant Ferris wheel celebrate

Oktoberfest in Berlin

There are actually constantly folk festivals in the Berlin summer. And in the fall it goes on. This year, an Oktoberfest is performed there for the 63rd time according to Bavarian tradition. By the Bavarian decorated marquee on pretzels, Hax