Knit Yourself A Great Blanket Knitting Pattern-

Knitting pattern – wonderful knitted blanket to do it yourself

The modern has become in the last two years knitting blankets with large stitches, can be seen in all ideas for stylish interior design and gorgeous Heimtextil. Also in this year, we will make it as part of the Interior.

We are sure that all aesthetes want to have already noticed these Afghan and they now have. It turned out that one must spend not much money for this stunning ceiling. Because every hand clever woman who can knit or watched only for knitting, can make this great blanket less than four hours itself. With our knitting pattern we want to bring closer their long-awaited wish.

Soft and warm knitted blanket for aesthetes

knitting without needles knitting pattern

Pretty soon, the warm and soft knit blankets will be everywhere to find in the markets. But why should you spend a lot of money if you can knit is also a. Knitted in a matching colour, you can use the blanket to the ceiling to, as a striking accessory or even as a carpet and give additional comfort your winter Interior thus.

Everything about Christmas creates good mood and gives comfort, so a knitted blanket can be a great Christmas gift for a loved one and also a great part of any Christmas decoration.

The knitting pattern for the ceiling

Afghan blanket knitting pattern knitting


You can knit blankets in various sizes, colors and types of stitch according to preference.  Mostly you will need thick yarn, desire and patience as well as knitting accessories, such as for example the following:

large knitting needles
Circular needle
or just your hands

This means that you can make this ceiling even with bare hands. In the videos below, you can see the three methods of knitting itself.

The homemade blanket adapts to any interior

nursery design blanket knit knitting pattern

The finished home textiles can be used in every room of the House, because this looks wonderful on the couch, as well as on the bedroom bed. This Afghan finds place in the girls and boys room, regardless of the age of the children. It is only the size and color of meaning.

Back up this trendy home textiles almost for free and provide a still more pleasant coziness in your home.

Take care of a warm cover

blanket knitting instructions knitting pattern

This Afghan is well suited as a carpet

knitting pattern knitting without needles

Everybody is happy on handmade gifts!

Christmas gift Afghan knitting pattern

The ceiling color is desire

blanket knitting pattern Afghan knit

Cozy home textiles for each room

beautiful knit blanket knit

This blanket can be knitted with bare hands

blanket knitting pattern knitting instructions

Knitting pattern – a challenge to do it yourself

blanket knitting pattern Afghan knitting instructions

You can knit blankets in various sizes, colors and stitches

Afghan blanket knitting instructions

A great accessory for the bedroom

Afghan blanket knit knitting pattern

Knit a warm quilt without needles

knit knitting instruction with hands

Use an interesting knit for your ceiling

knit with hands Afghan