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The jump rope is known to constitutes an activity which brought many different benefits to people who deal so. You do your heart some good, you burn a lot of calories. You can carry anywhere with a skipping rope . Rope jumping is a wonderful fun activity for you and for your friends and family members. So that you can benefit from even better, we have ready now some tips and information for you! Above all, we want to describe you the various models of the skipping rope and show the benefits.

Cloth rope

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This is the first kind of the jump rope, on which we want to go. It’s a pretty cheap option. Here, it is even not so bad, especially if you are a beginner.

PVC skipping rope

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It is the most preferred choice of skipping rope currently. If you choose this type, then you have a relatively easy option in the hand. This helps then, if you want to make several jumps one after the other. By the certain detriment, it is that one can use this kind of skipping rope out there badly. Rather, you should to carry out exercises in the fitness room.

Speed rope

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They are quite similar to the just shown PVC skipping rope-art. They also consist of a thin cord. You have almost the same advantages and disadvantages. But thus you could develop an even greater speed. Inside the cord, it has built-in cotton or other soft materials. It is therefore a very popular choice for the athletes.

The speed rope rope spring type is much more dangerous but in some ways. Because it is difficult when turning. At the same time that wrap skipping ropes much easier than other types of rope together.

Leather rope

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As the name implies, this type of rope made of leather is created. The handles are usually made of wood. The Boxer use usually this option or take the speed rope.

Such kind of skipping rope is more difficult than the PVC version and is also absolutely not suitable to be used outside.

Beaded rope

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The beaded rope skipping rope-art consists of plastic cord and is covered with still other material. Various plastic segments have been allocated over the total length. Glass beads (beads) are actually and they all differ from each other in colour. So it ensures an optimal visibility. The main advantage is that you can use this jump rope out without ruining it! One which is only a few such options this, probably already noticed as you!

Heavy jump rope

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The cord of this jumping rope can consist of any any material. But mostly putting to use either leather or PVC. The main difference from the other types of jump rope is that one has in addition integrated something into handles. Usually this is fixed, but there are also models where this regulate leaves.

The ideal length

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Let’s go up on these very basic aspect. You must certainly know the right length and then appropriately measured the jump rope. Just as you might know if this fits well with you or not.

Exercising your body by jumping rope

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A model for the professionals

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Let your steps include the rope

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Jumping rope is good for your kids

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The most famous jump rope cord

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Skipping rope with additional weight in the handles

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On a rope jumping, you would take part?

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