Eyelash Extensions And Compression For An Expressive Look

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Eyelash extension and compression with natural and cosmetic products

The long and super thick eyelashes are one of the many “small” dreams of the ladies. No wonder. As undisputed, these make for a provocative and very seductive look. So the men also think certainly.

But by far not all ladies of nature are such eyelashes gifted. Thank God you have the major and minor cosmetic tricks, such as Wimpenrverlängerung or compaction. This will cause that you achieved the desired look. Certainly, the most effective are also the most expensive. But not at all there is a need then.

Expressive eyes

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Some ladies help even a little help from nature. For those who are still interested in permanent solutions, we have also something ready at the end of the article.

Eyelash extension and compression go hand in hand

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Most of the time discussing the two themes of Eyelash extensions and eyelash compression together. The reason is that the same methods in both cases are effective. So, you could use the methods and means, what it is today, for both cases.

Castor oil is probably most effective among all. Should grease, morning and evening this juice with Aloe in your eyelashes. You can use a well-made clean brush for eyelashes or eyebrows.

Prepare an eyelash serum

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Castor oil, along with linen and Ravintsara oil will be very helpful in this case. ½Suppenlöffel flax, along with 10-15 drops of Castor and then a drop of Ravintsara oil make up the soothing combination. The mix contains vitamins A and E, as well as enzymes and biologically active ingredients. They promote the eyelash roots and let them grow more quickly and successfully. You should repeat this procedure not more often than once a week.

Cosmetic products for Eyelash compression and extension

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When it comes to Eyelash extensions and compacting, are the Augenmaskaras of the good brands of fundamental importance. Many people are unaware that there’s also colorless such. There are some models which contribute only to the eye compression and extension. You don’t realize that you’re wearing makeup. Because they look very natural.

The Maskarabürste is also of importance

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There is also a large selection. While some mascara could be used at the same time for care. They contain various oils, which will provide them with great essential oils. So you have this chance to make your look naturally beautiful at the same time, and to take care of by specific means for the actual Eyelash extension and compression. Isn’t that great?

Let us talk about the planting of eyelashes

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In the first place, it should be stressed is a special method for the eyebrow compression that ensures what greater endurance. This approach in no case should be confused with glue the eyebrows. In the first variant remain much longer on the eyelashes.

Before – after

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The final results can be super if you adhere strictly to some rules. First of all, very high professionalism and hygiene are announced in this case. This run in a Studio, whose reputation you’re absolutely convinced. There, tests must be made whether you are not allergic to the meter.

The desired results

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You need to go with a clear idea what you want to achieve exactly as a result. Are you more the eye extension or compression of the eye? Because there are respective approaches to the appropriate destination.

You would have to go so best once before the first procedure only to the advice.  First, find out whether or not you are allergic to. See also exemplary images of this visit. Let them work and decide only on the next day with what exactly you want to look like. Then opt for Eyelash extension or Eyelash compression. We wish you good luck!

Artificial eyelashes with glitter stones

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The eyelash curler makes your lashes look longer

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A magical look

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Do you want even such long eyelashes?

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Consult about the best mascara

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Be more confident with long, thick eyelashes

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