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DIY projects and craft ideas living room coffee table of Euro-pallets

DIY liven up the living space in a unique manner projects and craft ideas

Mirjam Vetter is Dutch collector of second hand goods. She just loves to cast small treasures used objects found. It has the following rule: everything is much nicer with some chalk.

You live in Hoorn, the Netherlands and search flea markets, second, antique – and art markets in this environment regularly hand. The same makes them during their regular visits to cities such as Berlin and Cоpenhagen. Constantly looking for pieces, through which she can convert the triple bedroom here.

The House at a glance

Who lives here: Mirjam Vetter, deputy supervisor in the lifestyle and Interiorshop Sissy Boy, your friend Bram Floris and her 7-year-old son, Noah Joe.

Location: Hoorn, Netherlands

Living area: 120 square meters, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom

DIY personalize the character of a Scandinavian House details

DIY projects and craft ideas living room sofa coffee table of Euro-pallets

Until recently, she has lived alone with her 7-year-old son. The arrival had exercised a significant influence on the style of the facilities and the selection of the color palette from your buddy, Bram Floris of. The interior design was before very female accessories with very much frills and many romantic vintage. After his arrival, it has added some vivid details, like about the yellow cushion.

Noah Joe has also made his contribution by searching on beautiful branches such as for example the one on the left side of the sofa. Cousin has painted them with the white color of Annie Sloan and decorated them with small pieces of counterpart.

Another DIY decoration project is the set of postcards in the corner. You has a large collection of such and participate in an international exchange programme for post cards, called Postcrossing. There unknown persons to send postcards just for fun.

Postcrossing – unknown persons send cards for fun

DIY projects and craft ideas living room sofa cushion staircase

The white-painted staircase in addition to this collection is an another great DIY project by the cousin.

Cousin recalls the time when she moved here with their son. There were carpets and salmon walls everywhere. She has succeeded but to transform all the own taste.

At the beginning, she wanted to have everything in grey and white. She has painted some furniture pieces in white. Noah has however encouraged them to make a minzgrüne wall.

Cousin created the remaining wooden coffee table.

The fold-out table was obtained in this configuration for many years. She can match but a lot more people. Vetter has also a great DIY project created by a little paint in white.

Mirjam Vetter has managed to transform the interior design of your home according to personal preference

DIY projects and craft ideas dining room chairs dining table wood Shabby Chic

Cousin has some of their second hand treasures on the side table issued. The ancient, minzgrüne table represents their last report. In the kitchen behind classic milk jugs hanging from the belts of wire construction.

Second hand treasures on the side table

DIY projects and craft ideas dressing table box decoration ideas

A striking focal point in the main living room is a strip on the wall, which is covered with articles from French newspapers.

Wall decoration made up of articles from French newspapers

DIY projects and craft ideas dining room wood bench dining table Shabby Chic

Mirjam also collects candle holders and painted them with the same white color. She puts them on a common tray that has been thought about, above all.

A small collection of candle holders

DIY projects and craft ideas closet practical decoration ideas In the corner, you can see an old shutter, which was enlivened with color has found Noah Joe. The TV can be found in this white coat. You can also see a vintage pendant with wire the company Sissy Boy.

Vetter used thin antique pots for storing different items

DIY projects and craft ideas kitchen kitchen shelves order

Cousin loves to look patterned China pieces at the flea market for flowers. These three are among their most coveted pieces and make one of their favorite DIY projects from.

Flower patterned China pieces, at the flea market find

DIY projects and craft ideas kitchen kitchen shelves themselves make order

In the hallway, she has created a gallery with family pictures. Cousin came up with the idea to use pre woven paper for coating the stairs in a Moroccan style. The project was completed in three days.

A small gallery with family pictures in the hallway

DIY projects and craft ideas staircase mural decoration ideas

Original idea of crafting in the stairwell

DIY projects and craft ideas staircase print decoration ideas

Colored decoration ideas for do it yourself

DIY projects and craft ideas Wall shelves decorative wall decoration ideas

Bedroom with vintage look

DIY projects and craft ideas bedroom bed wall wallpaper mural retro

Cousin has a friend who works as an interior designer consultant at a magazine. From time to time, he gives her some examples of wallpaper. With these pieces, it has then created this adorable accent wall. Still she has attached pages of antique children’s book on the wall. It was also given her by a friend and is on a shelf.

A unique mix of patterned wallpaper

DIY projects and craft ideas bedroom bed mother retro wallpaper

Here you can see a ground level next to the dressing room. It reflects the light, which flows from the other side in. The bedroom looks much larger.

Clever interior design ideas

DIY projects and craft ideas mirror floor jewelry

Every night, before Noah Joe goes to bed, cousin and Floris sit together and night in history a good read – him. He also loves to play with his friends at the table.

Practical and space-saving furniture in the nursery

DIY projects and craft ideas bedroom bunk bed table sofa bookcase

Bunk bed in the nursery

DIY projects and craft ideas kids room bunk bed table sofa

Noah Joe has a collection of posters with super heroes, and these were issued all around his bed. The ceiling lights provide a soft lighting. A cut a heart adorns the top of the wardrobe.

The ceiling lights make for a comfortable, soft lighting

DIY projects and craft ideas nursery design bunk beds

Poster with Super Heroes decorate the nursery

DIY projects and craft ideas kids room design furniture wall decoration

The smallest room in the House is used as a workshop. Cousin hacked the IKEA wardrobe by adding waste paper of company practice at the front. The wall behind it was executed in Steuerwagen. You used the room, scented candles and gifts with Ribbon to process and Pack gifts.

The smallest room in the House is used as a workshop

DIY projects and craft ideas wardrobe wooden vintage

Desk to do it yourself – a time-consuming DIY project

DIY projects and craft ideas desk itself make

And here, the residential ownership clean in this wonderful atmosphere relaxed: with tea and cards at the dining table!

DIY projects and craft ideas apartment owner dining room table