Decoration Craft Ideas – 20 Creative And Practical Proposals For The Do It Yourself

decoration hobby ideas glass jar vase flowers hanging

Decoration craft ideas – 20 creative and practical proposals to do it yourself. Make the use of old Einweckgläser

What are you doing with the old Ottensheim? Throw them away in the glass container, or do you think they are reusable?

We confirm that the Einweckgläser can be multifunctional. There are different types of glasses. Collect that you like particularly good – small or large, with or without pattern or brand logo, with or without lid.

20 creative and practical decoration ideas for do it yourself

decoration craft ideas glass jar beverage containers for take-away

What do you mean? For any new purpose could use a jar? Its original function is to serve as a storage container. What can you store now in there?

Use its advantage is that it is transparent and fill it with decorative, colored little things. Turn the jar into a candle holder, a chandelier, a vase or a flower container. See these and other conversion options in our gallery below.

Three Einweckgläser (very similar but of different type and size) a third full with rice. Inside the large white candles are great and effective

decoration craft ideas glasses candles rice

The same principle, but Einweckgläser hanging something different – and tea light candles in there

decoration craft ideas glass jar candle holders Candles

Make a modern pendant in Ottensheim

decoration hobby ideas glass jar lamp screw cap

This craft idea is quite simple – such as the oil lamp of your great-grandmother

decoration hobby ideas glass jar oil lamp

And a decoration idea rather according to the spirit of the times

decoration craft ideas bright glass jar

Transparent Einweckgläser full of fairy lights

decoration hobby ideas glass jar lights

Every woman should tangibly close keep the sewing kit

decoration craft ideas glass jar sewing utensils

The same counts for the Schminkzeug. Keep order by using practical alarm glass

decoration craft ideas glass jar folder make-up ear sticks

Make a liquid soap dispenser

decoration craft ideas Saifenspender transparent glass jar

Prepare the cutlery for your guests!

decoration craft ideas glass jar cutlery storage container

A unique Spice rack

decoration craft ideas jar glasses kitchen spices

Fairy tale in the glass

decoration craft ideas glass jar Moss stones decoration

Terrarium in a glass

decoration hobby ideas glass jar terrarium

This jar is full with oil and plays a role as a picture frame for the photo

decoration decoration Elideen glass jar oil picture frame

Color the Einweckgläser and use them as flower pots

decoration craft ideas stained glass flower container

Clear flower pots

decoration decoration ideas glass jar flower pot

A beautiful vase for the tender rose

decoration decoration ideas of glasses wake-up glass vase flowers rose

And a thematic decoration idea for Christmas

decoration craft ideas glasses for Christmas Tannenbäumchen