Apply Eyeliner And Achieve A Glamorous Look

Error that you should avoid when applying the eyeliner

For many, the wearing of eyeliner is one of the most difficult tasks in the makeup.  This is a wrong, because actually enough a bit of practice and knowledge of the proper technique to achieve a real glamorous look.

To convince you, we proceed today as follows: we must point out, what mistakes you should avoid. Keep these tips in mind and you can do nothing wrong when eyeliner applied.

Not torturing himself with the wrong eyeliner

eye make-up correctly eyeliner applying

Each lady has an eyeliner, with which it works best. Try different products before purchasing. The main varieties are three and, can an eyeliner gel, pencil or liquid get. Gel and pen are explained for the lighter versions. As a beginner, one should work more so.

The liquid eyeliner is smeared in principle easier than the others.

Liquid eyeliner allows you easier to apply Smokey eyes makeup.

It may be however individually which eyeliner you better work. Be patient and try out different ways. Take the variant, which guaranteed the best handling. To achieve always the desired effect and above all create same lines on both eyes.

Differently applied eyeliner on both eyes by the way, as is a big mistake as the wrong product.

Already didn’t give up after the first application of EYELINERS


Smudgy eyeliner spoil your look once and for all.  It’s an unpleasant experience, which they themselves should do to. After first applying, you should have the possibility to spend some hours at home. This is your opportunity to see whether and how well keeps your eyeliner. After some time you can apply a few drops of water on the eyes.  So you can look ahead, what would happen in the rain with her makeup. Go to the end with the eyeliner once showers. So, you know what happens when you go swimming with eyeliner.

Apply on-the-fly

You can’t wear the eyeliner quickly. Patience and a little time are absolutely mandatory.  Access to an alternative, if you are late.  It is anyway not very good looks if you wear eyeliner only, no matter how good he is.

Would rather forgo bad cosmetic products

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and the most critical point is the water line.  Make-up with poor quality can they spoil quickly and cause allergic reactions, as well as itching in the eye.  The product you selected should be tested first in this respect.

Applying the wrong shape

Depending on what eyes you have, there are different eyeliner styles that are suitable for you. Small eyes, for example applying the lower waterline is absolutely forbidden. Small and low-slung forms benefit from the wing make-up with eyeliner.

The eyes are very different and you should classify exactly your type. Some have also a hybrid – for example low-slung almond eyes.

As soon as you have found out how you really should apply the eyeliner, you would need to provide a bit of variety.

Next, look for different variations of the eyeliner style, that suits you. Try to look somewhat different each time. Remember some of those and switch regularly between them.

Choose the wrong color

A last bad mistake is the incorrect selection of color. There could be several good for you, but you should always take what suits you best.  For example, smaller eyes through eye shadow, but also the eyeliner with mirror effect will be significantly increased and beautified. In some cases also particularly succeeded in combining two nuances.

Apply eyeliner – achieve a magical look, with eyeliner

Avoid applying on the lower waterline with small eyes

Apply eyeliner – be patient and try out different possibilities

Try out different cosmetic products before shopping

Apply eyeliner – can an eyeliner gel, pencil or liquid get

The eyes are very different and you should know exactly your type

Depending on how you apply the eyeliner, you reach a day or evening make-up

Apply eyeliner – you will find the easiest technique for you

Charming all with your magical views