Air Cleaning Ideas – The Manual For Indoor Air Cleaning Devices

air cleaning ideas carpet hoes White HallAir cleaning ideas: the manual for indoor air cleaning devices

We ideas introduce you with some air cleaning. Can learn about the high-efficiency air filter systems of any kind. Of them, which creates more air pollution?

Do you suffer from allergies or asthma, or you are sensitive to air pollution? Maybe it’s time to decide on the acquisition of air cleaning device. It is difficult to know what to start, especially with so many offers of different types of filter systems and what the price range is between 70 and 700 euros. Viewing the quick introduction about the air purification systems for your home and find out what is really worth.

Why should I Air Purifier use? Air pollution in the Interior are a combination of fine dust (dust, mold, animal dander) and gaseous pollutants (exhaust, Dunst, chemical fumes). These can be much worse than the dirt in the outdoor area, there not dissolve it.

The application of air purification system can be very helpful for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Together with other methods, you can keep the dirt and allergens.

You definitely know air cleaning ideas – what if?

1. do not on carpeted floors

2. regularly wipe the dust

3. prohibit smoking within the home

4. use the vapor extraction system above the stove

5. choose an Air Purifier

Do not on carpets, put on hard flooring and exposed carpets which can be easily cleaned

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Clean the air in your home

Air Purifier can create miracles, by removing the dirty air particles; the real problem is that dust, animal hair and likewise do not remain in the air. The allergens fall down, embed in carpets and upholstered furniture. Not enough simply to put the air cleaner to. A combined approach reduces air pollution and allergens inside more than any other method that is applied alone. Here are some strategies to try out.

-Do not on carpets, put on hard flooring and exposed carpets which can be easily cleaned.

-Suck and regularly wipe the dust with micro fiber cloth

-Prohibit smoking in and around the House.

-Do not the fireplace

-Use the vapor extraction system above the stove and in the bathroom

-The House rule “shoes set out”

Suck and regularly wipe the dust with micro fiber cloth

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How to operate the Air Purifier

There are some variants of air purifiers on the market. Not all of them are but very effective and reliable. It is important to know what you are buying, so read the small writing please before you get the Air Purifier.

The main point is to know how the Air Purifier works. Most likely he runs after a enumerated methods:

– High performance air particle filter (HEPA): This is the most common filter of but also one of the most efficient

– Active carbon: Usually, the activated carbon with HEPA or other filter applied combined. The activated carbon attracts certain chemicals, is chemical binding, and thus helps reduce air pollution.

-Germizide UV radiation: The ultraviolet UV light acts against viruses, bacteria and allergens, as well as against some types of mold

– The E-filter: The particles that pass through the E-filters, are charged and then on oppositely charged Board caught. These devices produce small amounts of ozone, which is irritant to the lungs and even soil. Therefore, one should best avoid such devices.

The ozone generators are marketed as an Air Purifier, but not at all as such effect. In fact, these devices add the ozone gas, which irritates the lungs and can also be dangerous. The Federal Environmental Agency of the United States (short EPA) recommends not the acquisition of ozone generator.

Maybe it’s time to decide air cleaning idea kitchen island kitchen sink stool pendants to acquire an air cleaning device

An Air Purifier for the whole House or a room-cleaning device

If you have air conditioning at home, you have the option to install an Air Purifier for the whole House in the air lines. The advantage of this system is that all the air is purified and you do not need to concern with bulky equipment. The installation of pipe systems is expensive and is subject to the professional installation and maintenance.

The room cleaning device are good choice for small spaces, several of these systems can be applied even in larger rooms for air cleaning. That are portable and a good solution for tenants and cost between 70 and 700 euros.

An Air Purifier for the whole House or a room-cleaning device ?

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Inquire about rating systems.

Air line filter is to decide on the value of MERV. The MERV value stands for minimum efficiency reporting value and gives a clue about how efficient the Air Purifier pull the particles from the air. The MERV rating system rated between 1 and 20. A system with a score of 7 is just as effective as the HEPA filter.

When purchasing room cleaners, they pay attention to CADR-value (stands for clean air delivery rate) of at least 250 units, the higher the value, the better. This is a voluntary certification system and therefore not part of all descriptions.

The energy star mark indicates that better energy efficiency, is however not necessarily intended to better effectiveness. Be on the safe side and check the MERV and CADR values.

The chosen product

The IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier, including very popular in hospitals, is the so-called hyperhepa ® filtration in conjunction with activated carbon, ensures air purification. The device produces no ozone gas and is not assessed on the basis of CADR. The price is high, but if you are looking for high-performance provider, this is one of them.

The HEPA air purifiers by blueair

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The chosen product

A different high-performance model that has very simple case is the HEPA air purifiers by Blueair. The device has a high CADR value of 400 units for dust and 450 for pollen and smoke. It is marked with the energy star and produces no ozone gas.

The HEPA Air Purifier from Honeywell

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The chosen product

Although this HEPA Air Purifier Honeywell is not as simple and powerful as the above top models, he has a very budget-friendly price and achieved a remarkable CADR value of 250 units for storage, smoke and pollens.

Place the appliance on the nightstand in the bedroom or on the desk in the Office

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The chosen product

Despite the low CADR value of only 115 units I add the Air Purifier by Humanscale in the list, because the device does not as a whole room cleaner is intended, but is positioned only at the specific place. And also a low CADR value is sufficient for this work. For those who suffer from allergies and asthma, it is recommended that you place the appliance on the nightstand in the bedroom or on the desk in the Office down. The device produces bubbles full of fresh air. In addition it’s small, it exceeds the energy star requirements, it produces no ozone gas and has recyclable filters.

Let us know: Use also air purifier and if so you have noticed the difference? How do you find these air cleaning ideas?

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