13 Rules, Which You Peace With Your Roommates Saving Be

harmony roommate couch table cushion living room13 rules, which will ensure you peace with your roommates

Even in the best moments, sharing a room can be a big challenge. Who has even witnessed things like unauthorized “borrowing” of products that clutter that you must then clean up already, can understand it very well. Sometimes even just someone to guest who stays for few weeks there…

So, doing it, keep the peace with the roommates? Here are some rules that I believe everyone must follow.

Behave socially

You must be not best friends with the roommates. But it is certainly not a good idea to close all the time alone in the room. Spending some time together ensures a good mood. While none of the housemates must feel excluded.

Fair allocation of space for decoration

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All should have equal space on the wall, you can decorate. Why you suggest actually not sharing a common project your roommates?

Decorate the living room together

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Keep common areas neatly

Their dresses should be in your room. The common spaces should not be full of laundry, which must be even ironed and folded.

If you have used an item, make it clean and bring him back in his place. Just because someone else does not clean up, or leaves a stack of magazines, you should do this too. Especially not when three or more persons in the same apartment. Efforts are to be a good example.

Their dresses should be in your room

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Take care of your pets

If you have pets, you need to worry about this yourself. No roommates must help you.

If you are traveling anywhere, you ask whether the roommate to the animal to take care of. Do offer payment or pay at least the Bill the next time.

Wash your dishes

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Wash your dishes

That’s the thing about the most roommates complain. Strive that you annoy your roommate with it. If a roommate that doesn’t, you should make as quickly as possible something.

Speak strongly, but not angry.

In extreme cases you should keep your harness somewhere separately. At some point, your roommate will finally understand the thing is how seriously.

A roommate who eats your food is as bad as this, which does not wash the dishes

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Make a decision about how to handle the food and stick to

A roommate who eats your food is as bad as this, which does not wash the dishes. I hope you don’t live with a man who is both.

The best way how to evade conflicts over food, is that it makes a decision about how bypasses with the food and keeps it. Here are the three possible approaches, their demand and benefits

1. share everything

Many people working this procedure without any problems. Conflicts can arise when guests use the same food.

2. separate pages in the fridge

Buy separately and keep the products on various pages. This is a smart solution especially in cases when you have different tastes.

3. buy together the staple food and share the rest

Here you can be agreed to, if you have the same palliative and eat about the same amount.

Vote the rule for making clean the bath

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Vote the rule for making clean the bath

No one likes to clean the toilet or throw out the garbage. But this must be done. Make a card and so everyone can see what time it is your turn to clean.

Monopolize not the TV and the stereo

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Monopolize not the TV and the stereo

Hanging around on the TV is not so popular with all the new technologies. But even in this case must all have equal often access it. Everyone should have the opportunity to watch his favorite shows.

Also determine a place for the key

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Create a zone for post

Often, a pile of bills and other papers collects in the common areas. Avoid this by you to equip a special zone for that.

Also, determine a place for keys and station for charging the devices.

Inform about planned parties before

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Respect the daily plan of neighbours

If the neighbor must wake up early, then please be quiet at night. Inform about scheduled parties earlier and if the neighbor you ask it, alter the date.

Don’t go in the rooms of the roommate, if they are out of the House

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Respect the personal space and the objects of your roommate

Don’t go in the room of the housemates if they are out of the House. Borrow only then things, after you asked. If you share a bedroom, you don’t go to the bed of the roommate.

If you borrow something and it breaks down, then you should repair this or buy new.

Collect too much dirty laundry

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Collect too much dirty laundry.

That stinks, even if it is in your room. So wash regularly and so you will have a good image.

Treat others as you want to be treated!

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Follow the golden rules

Treat others as you want to be treated! Heard about? This is especially true for roommates.

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