Packaging Christmas Presents: A Great DIY Idea In The Scandinavian Style!

Christmas time is Bescherzeit! Especially the children are looking forward to these holidays, but also the adults will not deny that they will be happy about the smallest gesture. Finding the right gift for everyone takes time and can be quite stressful. Even if you have all the gifts together, the next challenge is for you to pack the Christmas presents! Our idea today is very close to nature. We suggest you to make a gift wrap in the Scandinavian style yourself.

The Scandinavian style emphasizes the handmade, is inspired by nature and uses the white color in everything. We plan to meet you today a star making wooden sticks and giving you some ideas on how to package the Christmas presents with them. Have fun!

Creative ideas for christmas gifts packaging

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The materials needed for Christmas gifts packaging

  • some wooden sticks that are just around your house
  • white wrapping paper or gift box
  • duct tape
  • jute yarn
  • metal wire
  • scissors

Tip: Collect dry sticks, because the greens are difficult to break off. Also choose those that are uniform in thickness and straight.

Crooked sticks do not make beautiful stars.

Tinker the star, piece by piece together

christmas tinkling christmas presents packaging

gift wrapping tinker christmas presents packaging

The instruction

Step 1: Break the stick into 5 equal pieces. Take the first two and tie their ends together with the tape in triangular shape. Tie the next floor to the bottom of one of the two sticks. Attach the fourth floor to the third in the same way. The last floor is attached to the fourth and the first. Now you have already finished the star.

Step 2: To introduce a different texture, wrap the taped ends with jute yarn. Knot and cut off the ends. You can make as many as you need for the gifts.

Step 3: The easiest thing for you would be to wrap the Christmas gifts in a white box. If desired, wrap the box with wire and attach the star to it. You can do this with the help of the wire, but more subtly that you hardly notice it.

Pack the Christmas surprises in style

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Tip: You can also equip the Christmas present with a name tag. Cut it out of a brown (natural colored) paper and make a hole with the punch on one side. Attach the name tag to the wire.

Of course you can also put on other decorations, but it should be made of natural materials, otherwise you will come out of the Scandinavian style. These stars can also be used as Christmas tree decorations or to decorate the windows.

Green branches are also a great idea as decoration for the gifts. Just put your imagination into play and create a beautiful gift wrap.

Prepare big and small joy

Christmas presents pack in Scandinavian style

Use gifts of nature

decorating christmas presents

Stick a thematic font on the gift box

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DIY gift wrapping beautiful gifts packaging Christmas gifts packaging

Tie the gifts with jute yarn

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Pack the Christmas presents with fabric

DIY Gift Wrapping Christmas Gifts

Decorate the Christmas tree with it

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Christmas time is Bescherzeit!

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Use monochrome paper

Scandinavian gifts wrap Christmas presents packaging
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The fir branches give the packaging more color

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Decorate the packaging with white paint

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