Making Rustic Christmas Decorations Yourself: Inspiration For Vintage And Rustic Home Decor

Is your apartment decorated in the style of vintage, Scandinavian minimalism or rustic? Would you like to invite the Christmas spirit home with just a few resources and natural materials? That’s exactly what you did in the apartment, which we would like to introduce to you in this article. One by one we walk through the different rooms. We also take a closer look at some interesting details. Would you like to join us?
You’ll quickly realize what benefits you have when you rustic Christmas do it Yourself.

Although very decent, the Christmas decoration in the kitchen at the first sight

Make window decoration for Christmas itself

Make rustic Christmas decorations yourself – the kitchen

If you make rustic Christmas decorations yourself, you should start in the kitchen. This is the center of family life in most homes and apartments. There festive meals are prepared. So you need the most inspiration for the party. In this room, the skin concept of your rustic Christmas decoration should be best visible.

In the example here you can see that it is very universal. At the same time, it gives each room a peculiar character. Very small individualizations are enough to achieve this.

The small elements of the Christmas decoration are very strong in the kitchen

Discreet DIY Christmas Decoration - Kitchen counter

Especially here one was very sparing with the Christmas decoration. It looks almost complete, but contains only a few Advent wreaths and white candles. Above all, they work through their symbolism strong on our perception. Otherwise, they are quite discreet. Nevertheless, the decoration is very strong. On the one hand contributes to the neutrality of the interior. On the other hand, this effect is also achieved by positioning the decoration at key points.

The interplay of natural lighting and candles creates a magical atmosphere in the room

Minimalist rustic Christmas decorating - idea

Christmas decorated living room / dining room

The living room and the dining room are the rooms where you spend most of your time with friends and family on a festive evening. That’s why you have indulged yourself here the most magnificent Christmas decorations. This is already noticeable at the first glimpse.

The wooden furniture and accessories can be used if you make rustic Christmas decorations yourself

Smartly distributed DIY Christmas decoration

The room decor plays a very important role here. We have a mix of vintage and country style. In this naturally many brown shades are included. Thanks to the combination of different shapes and the added green fir-tree branches, you quickly create a festive atmosphere full of joy and mood.

In this minimalist rural décor, the fairy lights are suitable as Christmas tree decorations

Country packaged Christmas gifts

The Christmas gifts have a decorative effect at the same time

Christmas gifts do-it-yourself rustic

The biggest eye-catcher in the festive design is the Christmas tree in the living room. This approach fits very well, if you want to make rustic Christmas decorations yourself. This and the rustic character of the selected decorative items make the whole thing quite traditional. So you can afford to be creative or minimalist in performing without losing the spirit of the festival.

On a wooden table in the country style you need little to spread the Christmas spirit

Rural table design DIY christmas decoration

DIY Christmas decoration for the dining table

The dining table is another central point in the apartment, from which the Christmas mood radiates in all directions. Built of wood, it has a very eye-catching decorative effect. By the candles and the fir-tree branches he is immediately very Christmassy. This applies to the general view as well as to the individual details.

Most exuberant is the DIY Christmas decoration in the dining room / living room

Rustic living room with DIY christmas decoration

If you make such rustic Christmas decorations yourself, you can easily transfer the festive mood to the details

Centerpiece for the table in a rustic style

The shelf design for Christmas

The storage space is very important for this apartment concept. It was designed with open shelves. This is very helpful if you want to make rustic Christmas decorations yourself. Various gifts of nature, in this case especially fir-tree branches, can be distributed in different places there. The neutral shades of the shelves allow even the most discreet decorations to stand out.

The white shelf is an ideal background for DIY Christmas decorations in rural style

Shelf design for Christmas - great jewelry

The media wall was decorated according to a fabulous rustic concept

Shelf design with DIY Christmas decoration

Other details in the living room with DIY Christmas decorations in the living room

The open shelves are part of a uniform congestion concept. This includes a number of lockable cabinets. They run in front of the lower part of the wall and serve partly as a storage area under the TV. Now they were equipped for Christmas. The decoration used here again green conifer branches. They were festively spiced up with fairy lights. This decoration was”crowned”by a wooden plaque with a Christmas message.

The media wall is rather rustic decorated. The board serves as an invigorating vintage accent

Christmas jewelry for the shelf

Subtle light and happy mood make Christmas really comfortable!

Great sign as a DIY vintage Christmas decoration

Real wood panels were also used elsewhere in the room. This is e.g. with this working corner of the case. The festive mood is particularly noticeable here through the combination of wood and the two small fir trees.

The cuddly pillows make the party really comfortable!

DIY Christmas decorations Scandinavian style

Cozy Christmassy, ​​it has also made this corner of the apartment. The flower pot with the Christmas tree is a strong accent. Instead of wood furniture but complemented by the effect of the knitting patterns on the pillows. Exactly at this point it is particularly noticeable that one could very well transfer a part of the mood of the wintry forest into the house.

The interplay of vintage and rustic brings a very pleasant dynamic into the room

DIY Christmas decoration over a seating niche at the window

In general, one discovers a very interesting interplay of vintage and Scandinavian style in this decorative concept. Both are present everywhere in the home decor as well as in the homemade Christmas decoration. But in some places dominates one, and in others – the other kind of design. This creates exciting dynamics. This one has to thank for the most part the solemn mood in the room.

Christmas decoration wood and black boards

DIY Christmas decoration for the bedroom

In addition to the kitchen, the bedroom is the other room in the apartment, in which one deals very sparingly with the Christmas decoration. Here too, the positioning of the demo elements at key positions was chosen. The Christmas decoration made of tree branches above the bed also provides comfort, but also for a festive mood. As you can see in the following three pictures, you can feel it from many different perspectives.

The DIY Christmas decoration over the bed looks great from all perspectives

Bed with rustic homemade Christmas decoration
Please with rural charm by the Christmas decorations
Decoration of the bed Frame with Christmas decorations made of wood

On the mirror above the dressing table has also attached a Christmas wreath. Thanks to the central position, the mirror effects and the light, this otherwise simple element is very present. Just this Christmas wreath would be enough to spread Christmas mood in the bedroom!

The first big advantage of this kind of Christmas decoration is that you spread a solemn mood with very little resources. Inside there is simply a lot of symbolism, which we already connect to the festival on a subconscious level. This is the element of the Christmas tree in the first place. There are several such in different sizes. In addition, one used abundant branches to decorate congestion and vertical surfaces. The light is also very present, both through the fairy lights and through the many white areas in the room. These, combined with brown pieces of furniture, and again with the fir-tree, somehow spread the atmosphere for closeness to nature and wintry forest.

Finally, we want to emphasize that such a kind of minimalistic decoration with traditional elements fits different living styles. But above all to the rustic and the vintage concepts. You just need to adapt them a little to make each concept look unique. Can you imagine such Christmas decorations in your home?

The great execution of the details in the decoration make this concept really successful

rustic wall design christmas
Rustic Christmas decoration for a bright room
Bedroom dIY Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration of wood room furniture