Himmeli Advent Wreath Make Yourself. Instructions And Other Decoration Ideas With Cinnamon Sticks!

The modern trends in the Christmas decoration for 2017 seem minimalistic, restrained and use little materials. We can call her extremely modern. Today we continue the topic with a very concrete example. We will show you how to make an Advent wreath of Himmeli Make a kind of cinnamon sticks. This Scandinavian jewelry for Christmas shows geometric shapes and simplicity. This makes it perfect for the modern and cozy home. It also spreads the beautiful traditional scent of Christmas. Following the instructions for the realization of this Advent wreath idea, we continue with the theme and the fragrant decoration. We show you great Christmas wreaths and others festive decorations with cinnamon sticks.

Materials for Himmeli Advent wreaths

1-jewelry ideas cinnamon chopsticks preparation

That’s what you need to do for the Himmeli Advent wreath itself

If you want to do a Himmeli Advent wreath yourself like in the tutorial, you need the following materials:

  • 120 cinnamon sticks, each 8 cm long;
  • Wire;
  • pliers;

Choose dabai carefully the color. The wire should be able to pass through the cinnamon sticks.

From the shading he should be very similar to this. How to reach the result from the manual. Of course you can also choose a different color if you are looking for a different result. Of course, the number of cinnamon sticks could be slightly different if the Advent wreath should be smaller or larger.

How to make a single pentagon step by step

Two Advent wreath figures make cinnamon

So you continue to make the Advent wreath

Now we continue with the crafting of the Himmeli Advent wreath! Compare the instructions with the pictures above!

First, take three cinnamon sticks and make a triangle. Cut around the 60 cm wire for the beginning. Add 4 more cinnamon sticks. Attach this to the already made figure with the help of a wire. Attach the last seven pieces to the corners of the cinnamon wreath. By doing so, the pentagon is easily raised, creating a 3D effect. Pull this through the rent of all cinnamon sticks. When you reach the end of the chain, bring the two ends of the wire together. How to keep the triangle shape. Important: If the wire is all cut out a bit, and continue with the tinkering of the Advent wreath. Take more cinnamon sticks and continue with the crafting, as shown in Figure 2. In the realization of this step, you must pass the wire through several cinnamon sticks, so that you reach the desired figure, a pentagon. Now you have to pull together the already tinkered pieces to keep the shape. You have to do this several times during crafting.

Attention: At this point, all cinnamon sticks should already be brought together. The wire should be firmly tied together! As in the picture below You must place five more chopsticks in the shape of the star next to your pentagon. These will then attach you to the corners or interfaces of this.

The pentagon must be raised with the adjacent cinnamon buns

3 Christmas star pattern cinnamon

Finish the Advent wreath

We still need a few steps to complete this beautiful Himmeli Advent wreath. They are illustrated in the next five pictures. You have to cut out the 90 cm wire. Begin by bringing the finished figures together. This creates the three-dimensional figure that is displayed. Tie the cinnamon sticks one by one. Make sure that each other is well secured to the previous one. When you are done, you have the hardest part behind you. Set the cinnamon sticks aside and start making the Christmas wreath.

How to attach more cinnamon buns to the interfaces of the Pentagon!

4 jewelry Christmas star chain

Now cut another piece of wire about 20 cm long. Bring the individually crafted pieces together. Bend the two ends off the wire and cut them extra long.
After you have finished the tinkering of the wreath, fasten the free ends. Here, at this point, you need to check that everything is really tied together. This is the only way to guarantee that the figure will retain its shape for a long time.

Tie the individual cinnamon sticks firmly together with the help of the wire

5 Advent wreath idea process

This is how a beautiful necklace of 3D pentagons looks for the Advent wreath!

6 poinsettias tied together cinnamon

The connecting parts of the Advent wreath in detail

7 jewelry Christmas nahn view

So the different ends would have to be tied if you make an Advent wreath yourself

8 wire detail Advent wreath ideas inspiration

Remember: The tighter the wire is tied, the more elegant and appealing the end result will look. The next two pictures show two such. A great wall decoration, right?

Great homemade Himmeli Advent wreath – light brown

9 Jewelery Christmas done by yourself

For a contrast with the white wall, you can make a darker Himmeli Advent wreath yourself!

10 adventskranz christmas wall design

Other Advent wreaths and deco ideas with cinnamon sticks

So you can make your own Himmeli Advent wreath yourself!

We use the opportunity that we speak of cinnamon sticks to share with you more ideas with them. Even if you make an Advent wreath yourself, which consists of other materials, you can always add them. Cinnamon sticks are part of the traditional Christmas decoration and the kitchen of the festival. At the same time, they also match minimalist and modern ideas in terms of aesthetics. So you can add a touch of tradition to your modern d├ęcor through this.

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Combine the scents of different natural materials, if you make an Advent wreath itself!

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There are many Christmas decoration ideas with cinnamon sticks!

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Bring your Christmas tree to perfume with cinnamon sticks!

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