The Best 50 Living Room Ideas And Designs

The Living Room theme offers millions of ideas, designs, and concepts that are our inspiration for interior design every year. Also this year, there were many innovations that aroused great interest. The following 50 ideas are a summary of the most popular living room ideas this year and our editors would like to show you the similarities and the current trends. Which interior fits best to your taste, you decide based on the selected ideas.

Living room table attractive and practical design

In every living room the table is a must. For years, the tables have been among the most attractive pieces of furniture in the living room furniture and have an important role to play. The wood look is particularly relevant, as most of these pieces of furniture are made of wood. Combinations of glass and wood are very often seen in almost every living room. It’s not about the usual, square-shaped living room tables, but atypical forms.

Nowadays, designers place great importance on the table decoration in the living room. There are certain accessories that have been considered a must for years. The ultimate goal of this table decoration is to create a welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests as well. An attractive vase of flowers should be your top priority, as flowers such as orchids have a very positive effect in any environment. Also put up-to-date magazines and books on the table, so you always have something interesting to read at hand.

Design your living room according to the latest trends in interior design

Attractive living room ideas

Set up lounge area

The most important and striking combination of pieces of furniture is the lounge set in the living room. A uniform design and only a current color does not exist, because the variants are very numerous. Colors such as navy blue, dark green and white are considered favorites for lounge sets this year.

Very often one sees that the sofas are designed in a completely different color, which is a very good idea if the color of course matches the overall interior design. Put great emphasis on 2 key criteria when choosing lounge furniture: comfort and attractive appearance. The first point is very important, because you spend a lot of time in the living room to rest.

Put great emphasis on comfort

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Design lighting design

In our last article on design lamps, we presented many unique ideas. The design lamps will remain a must for the lighting design in the next year as well. A lot of our ideas are made with design lamps. An icon under this category of lamps are the arc lamps. 2017 may be the best year for the arc lamp industry. The advantage of these lamps is that they offer a unique design and are very easily an eye-catcher in the room. This year’s trends include the elegant chandeliers.

The icon under the floor lamps – arc lamp

arc lamp design lamp

Current wall decoration

Can you imagine a wall decoration, which is designed with a total of 15 paintings? Yes, it sounds atypical, but current trends for wall decors range from 10 to 15 pictures on one wall only. Paintings, picture frames with your own favorite photos or special textures you can choose for your wall design to your own taste.

The 50 best ideas for an attractive living room can be found in the following picture gallery. Have fun browsing.

Optics play an important role

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