Living Room In Gray – Room Design That Inspires You

A mixture between white and black, gray is the most neutral color depending on the definition. A room design in gray can look warm or cool, dark and dramatic or bright and attractive. Many people are on the gray, but we only recommend it when it is charmingly combined. If you do not want to make your living room white, but still want to keep the room beautiful and bright, then Gray is a fantastic alternative. But it can be a dull color, so choose the desired graunuance very carefully. Our pictures will inspire you on how to set up the living room in gray.

Why is Gray Now in trend? It’s not just about revival of old fashion. It is also about the new Scandinavian Hygge style, which spreads simplicity and cosiness. In the Hygge style, clear lines and simple shapes dominate the interior, while people quietly relax in front of the TV or in front of the fireplace or play fun with the children. And the living room should create such cozy comfort. Create your room and create the cozy atmosphere in your own four walls!

A living room in gray for relaxing and relaxing

A living room in dark gray

Walls in gray?

If your Walls in gray You can choose the right one for your room under several nuances. This makes the room more effective. Gray is highly compatible with all other colors. Saturated gray choose for the main wall – where a TV or fireplace stands and then leave the other walls in a brighter shade.

The main idea is to emphasize a wall where there are more important things. We will illustrate this with pictures.

The accent wall with the phototape attracts all eyes

A living room in gray

Also select other colors for the setup. Gray can be combined with almost anything – from purple to bright red and lemon yellow to olive green.

On the gray accent wall hangs a large photo, for the rest of the interior one chose Lila

A living room in gray and purple

This living room looks stylish in gray, red and black

A living room in gray and red

Photobooks, LED lighting and decorative cushions in a simple living room

A living room with a photo-wallpaper

Some pink elements in the living room decoration and also a separate part in dark gray, which is also very practical

Living room gray and pink

Gray also goes well with blue

Living room in gray and blue

The accent wall, where a chimney stands, is very original designed like a chess board

The chess board

A super-trendy combination between gray and olive green

Living room love olive green

You can also opt for several walls in gray

Living room with style

Armchairs, sofas and other comfortable furniture in gray

You will wonder how many benefits furniture in gray have! They are comfortable, inconspicuous and practical, in the sense that you become more difficult to get dirty. Choose the nuance that best relaxes you! Large corner sofa in gray is the central piece of furniture in the interior. You can choose a multifunctional sofa, which can also be used as a bed. So you will still get a sleeping place! We will give you just a few simple examples.

Walls or furniture (or both) in gray will soon not go out of fashion. These soothe our senses. In the gray living ambience a strong note of comfort is felt. Have fun choosing your furniture and furnishing it!

This attic is very sunny and the gray corner sofa is exactly in its right place

Gray various nuances

Who said Gray should be boring?

Living room with the gray sofa

This supermoderne room with LED lighting and purple elements also has gray armchairs and sofa

Living room modern ambiance

These sofas were selected in light gray

Gray decoration

Gray sofa with yellow pillow cushions the ambience

Living room classic decor

The armchairs are in visual accordance with the color of the walls and the ceiling

A living room in gray and white

Yellow stands out against the gray background

Living room in gray and yellow

In this living room en vogue, olive green and gray blend together

Living room in gray and olive green
Nice living room
Small living room with lots of space
Modern living room
Living room ground level
Living room Freddie Mercury
Living room with several rooms
Living room contemporary