High-quality Interior 2017 – Conscious Use Of Luxury Materials, Fabrics And Patterns

High-quality interior design with style

2017 brings innovative interior design trends that confirm the following: we all deal always conscious with the topic of “Consumer society”. High-quality materials and solutions are increasingly preferred. Sustainability is essential and the overcrowding of premises is no longer popular.

This trend is also a certain nostalgia for hand in hand. It’s about the rediscovery of materials that were previously inaccessible.

Wood is a must

We take the trendy materials by 2017 under the magnifying glass, and come to the conclusion that the use of wood is an absolute must. This is highly customizable thanks to its varied surface treatment. At this many shades from the ethnic art are strong.

The warm character of the wood comes strongly to the fore by the opposition with other, hard and “cold” materials such as marble and acrylic glass. Back in the game are also the nineties – they come back to us through the legal application of velvet, geometric patterns, and plaid.

Acrylic glass is very break-resistant and stable in contrast to the glass

high-quality interior design living room acrylic

Marble gives your kitchen a modern and sleek look

high-quality interior design kitchen of marble stone

Visualization of structures

The viewpoint of structures 2017 reached a new high point in the high-quality interior design. These include above all exposed brick walls, cement, and hand-blown glass surfaces. Also the pairs of metals with materials such as Cork, clay and wood often happens this year.

Modern couples between metal and wood

high-quality interior dining room metalldesign

A wall of normal and light concrete ensures a high portability

high-quality interior cement walls

A classic in the high-quality interior design: brick walls

high-quality interior kitchen brick wall

Blue and velvet

The color blue and the Velvet play a fundamental role within the 2017 design trends. Just because we know them for centuries in the high-quality interior design, their original modern interpretation is particularly exciting.

Here the aspect of accessibility again plays a major role. These materials are used not only for special luxury rooms or furniture. Rather, we find frequently used places like on ceramic surfaces or in the disguise of frequently used accessories.

Ceramic surfaces provide an everyday meeting place for your home

high-quality interior design living room with ceramic

Blue: the color of calmness, relaxation and harmony

high-quality interior design living velvet

High-quality interior design for your senses

In General, we recognize that the indulgence of the senses is a driving force behind the changes in the design trends by 2017. Also, also the pleasant fragrances and the effective noise are extremely important in addition to the visible aesthetics. You are becoming a part of the decoration, if kept in the broadest sense of the word.

And there is still something important: integrate a little luxury everyday area and not regret it. Because life is short and changeable and we must enjoy it…

Velvet fabric plays an important role within the 2017 design trendshigh-quality interior design living room velvet sofa

Don’t forget the blue color in the living room

high-quality interior design sofa couch living room

The wooden table is one of the most stylish and elegant pieces of furniture in a dining room

high-quality interior design wood design

Wooden pallets provide a retro look

high-quality interior holzdesign bedroom with pallets

Wood is a must

high-quality interior holzdesign living room

high-quality interior holzdesign living room

Wood and metal combine modern design with natural look

high-quality interior wood kitchen and metalldesign

Combination of Cork and metal

high-quality interior decoration kitchen Cork

Concrete walls are the highlight of the high-quality interior design

high-quality interior design bathroom with cement walls

The color blue in the bathroom is always a positive step

high-quality interior blue bathroom with ceramic

You need to create a high-quality interior space

high-quality interior design bathroom type 90s bathtub